Google Announces New Rules for Rich Results Review Schema

One of the things that sets Google apart from other search engines is the amount of information they give to searchers. Google has encouraged website owners to use schema markups and other tools to let the search engine no pertinent [...]

Google Creates New Link Attributes to Compliment “nofollow” Links

When people look at a website, it’s easy to forget all of the complex operations that are happening below the surface. Though things like link attributes and metadata aren’t seen by the user, these elements play a key role in [...]

Google Updates Search Quality Rater Guidelines to Boost High-Quality Content

Running a search engine isn’t an easy task. Companies like Google and Microsoft have the unenviable job of trying to create guidelines that can be used to determine which web pages are an appropriate spot for a particular query. Much [...]

Microsoft Ads Expands Responsive Search Ad Beta to All Advertisers

Over the past year, Microsoft Ads has made several improvements to its advertising offerings to make the platform more attractive to business owners. Many of these changes replicate features that proven popular on Google. Last week, Microsoft Ads opened up [...]

Upcoming WordPress 5.3 Update Will Address Robots.txt Issue For Website Owners

A few weeks ago, Google announced a change to the way that Googlebots would search for information online. Google said that they would no longer follow certain protocols on robots.txt files. This change meant that certain pages that weren’t being [...]

Google Seen Placing Competitor’s Ads on Local Business Profiles

Online marketing is essential for companies that want to reach the growing number of consumers who search for businesses on the internet. Between people using Google Search and Google Maps, local companies need to create a Google My Business profile [...]

YouTube and Facebook Work to Reduce Importance of Likes and Subscriber Counts

Social media has had a transformative effect on modern society. Social media and user-generated content have changed the way people learn about new products, interact with companies, and communicate with friends and family. However, after a couple of decades of [...]

Google Ads Simplifies and Standardizes Content Policies for All Publishers

Many content creators throughout the internet rely on Google's advertising system to generate revenue from their work. However, Google regularly updates its policies on how content will be monetized, and it could vary from platform to platform. For example, content [...]

Google Test “Google Screened” Badges for Professional Services

The ease of creating a profile for a business online can cause as many problems for consumers as it solves. People looking for local services have to be careful that the service providers they call are legitimate and provide high-quality [...]

Twitter Debuts New Bidding Strategy for 6-Second Video Views

Despite its best efforts, Twitter hasn’t become as essential for online advertising as social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Though it’s used less often, there are plenty of companies that use Twitter ads to connect with their target demographic [...]