Google Improves AMP Stories Support for More Visually Engaging Content for Websites

The internet has trillions of pages worth of content, so it’s vital that website owners and content creators use whatever tools they can to make their work stand out. Using the AMP Stories protocol is a great way to create [...]

LinkedIn Offers SEO Recommendations for Company Pages

When most people think about SEO, they think about their website. However, the value of search engine optimization is a universal constant in online marketing. Every platform uses some form of SEO-like process to help users find content. Businesses that [...]

Pinterest Introduces Conversion Optimization for Promoted Pint and Video Ads

While it doesn’t steal the headlines as often, Pinterest is still out there, and it remains a relevant marketing platform for business owners that want to reach specific demographics. The image-focused platform is still an excellent place to share product [...]

Google Adds Report to Show How Discover Feed Affects Your Site

For online marketers, knowing how your audience finds the content you create is valuable information. Most online campaigns try to reach audiences in a variety of ways, and it’s useful to know which methods produce the best results. Searching isn’t [...]

Google to Deindex Content from Sites with Exploitative Content Removal Policies

While the internet is far from a regulation-free zone, the lack of oversight has led to situations where people try to make money through shady means online. There has been a recent trend where sites are created to host unfavorable [...]

Bing Ads Introduces New Call-to-Action Feature for Text Ads

Though it's less popular than Google, Bing remains a significant player in SEO and local marketing in the United States. Including Bing Ads in your search marketing budget can help your website reaches audiences that are missed by companies that [...]

Google Search Console Reporting for Websites May Have Issues and Spikes in April

Any good online marketing campaign will include periodic reviews to ensure that the efforts have the effect that's expected. If not, then it's a sign that the strategy needs to be refined or that other issues need to be addressed. [...]

Google Ads to Include More Cross-Device Attribution Data on May 1

Getting the most out of an online advertising campaign requires accurate knowledge about your target audience. This knowledge goes beyond merely knowing the interests and age ranges of your core demographic. Reaching your audience online involves information about the ways [...]

Google Hotels to Include Vacation Rental Properties in Search Results

With summer right around the corner, many locations are trying to attract visitors who are planning their vacation. As with most things in the modern era, many consumers are going to turn to the internet for help with their search [...]

Google Podcasts Begins Auto-Transcribing Full Episodes

Audiobooks and other forms of on-demand audio entertainment have existed for decades, but have seen a dramatic growth in popularity thanks to technology. With the mobile internet and mobile devices, it's easier to use podcasts for entertainment and marketing purposes. [...]