Paid Directly to Facebook / Instagram
$1,000 – $25,000 Month


To generate high quality leads using a highly targeted Facebook campaign.   These leads will be processed through a lead funnel and immediately launch an automation campaign to improve closure rates.  To increase brand awareness, authority, reach and social followers.


To sell your products using a highly targeted Facebook / Instagram campaign.  To extend your current reach with your current customers and encourage them to buy more products and help generate more customers.  To increase brand awareness, trust, reach and social followers.


To increase brand awareness, authority, trust, reach and social followers.


Target Audience Discovery

Analyze your target audience to discover the niche demographic to target effectively.

Competitor Analysis
Research competitors and find weak points to utilize in our campaigns.

Kick Off Brainstorming
Discuss different marketing ideas, contests, techniques, marketing methodology and overall marketing goals.

Copywriting Daily Posts
Write your daily social media posts and submit to you for approval.

Promoted Posts Strategy
Set up the use of promoted posts, setup frequency, content, reach and target audience.

Contest Discussion
Discuss the use of contests, their frequency, content, reach and target audience.

Facebook / Instagram PPC
Setup and manage paid Facebook / Instagram ads, target audience, design of ads and marketing method.


Schedule Daily Posts
Monthly we will create daily content for your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter and networks and send them over for review, creating posts on a schedule will engage your customers and encourage sharing and branding.

Social Media Popularity
Weekly we will reach out to fans to boost followers on Facebook increasing overall exposure and followers.  We work hard to add more than 50+ new followers monthly to your Facebook account this is not guaranteed, but likely.  We will need a promoted posts budget to ensure this goal.

Copywriting Ads
Write copy for ads, headlines, email follow up.

Graphic Design Ads & Email
Design ads, form, email follow up.

Conversion Tracking
We will setup the flow to track your leads.

Lead Generation
We will setup ads to generate quality leads based off specific demographics.

Sales Funnel
We will develop and structure a sales funnel that includes an auto responder and funnels your leads to the correct departments.


Comment Management
Daily we will monitor your comments to ensure that they are appropriate, follow branding standards and keep in line with the discussion.

Page Management
Monitor notifications, improve content and graphics as needed.

Ad Campaign Management
Daily we will monitor your ad campaign to make sure it’s performing the best it can.

Affinity Audience
We will create a custom audience and expand that audience with affinity audiences so that we can target more possible leads.

New Ad Development
We will create new ads to try to improve our overall strategy.

A/B Testing
We will create a/b testing of copy, audiences, ads, delivery methods to improve your overall campaign.