Having success with a paid marketing campaign requires proper planning and some professional help. One of the first things a marketing professional will advise you to do is create landing pages on your website that coincide with the Google AdWords campaign you are constructing. Testing and targeting these landing pages can boost conversions by up to 300 percent.

While most business owners understand how important great landing pages are, creating them can be problematic. Relying on the help of knowledgeable web design and marketing professionals is important when trying to maximize the impact your landing pages have.

Are you trying to create landing pages that actually convert? If so, read the useful information below.

Focus on Your Calls To Action

Moving a consumer from the Google Ads part of your sales funnel to actually visiting your website is challenging. Consumers are bombarded with paid ads every time they visit a new website or perform a Google search. If a person finds the content in your paid ad engaging, they will click on it to continue their journey. When they arrive on your website, you want them to find content that is all about the product or service you are trying to promote.

At the end of the landing page content, you need to craft a killer call to action. This content needs to let the reader know what the next step in this journey is and how they can take part. If you want to sell a product/service, your call to action should encourage consumers to contact a member of your staff or schedule an online appointment.

The calls to action on your landing pages should be clear and concise. Providing the reader with contact information or an online sales coupon is crucial when trying to seal the deal and convert them into actual customers.

Think About Mobile Users

You may not realize it but a large portion of the traffic your website receives will come from people on mobile devices. Modern smartphones and tablets provide users with the ability to look at websites, post on social media and even complete purchases on eCommerce websites. As you start to craft your landing pages, you need to make sure that mobile users can access the content on them. If these pages are not optimized with mobile users in mind, you run the risk of losing tons of sales leads.

Your Landing Pages Should Include Videos

Providing visitors to your website with lots of different media to engage with is a wise move. Relying just on text to convey your message to consumers can be problematic. This is why you need to provide some video content to the people who visit your website. These videos can help you provide lots of useful information in a short period of time. A short and concise video resonates with modern consumers, which is why they are a must for any successful landing page.

Paid Search Success is Achievable

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