For many people that use Google Search tools for website work, the most important tool that these experts have are the use of optimizations and recommendations. These are potential updates from the Google Search website that can be used to help improve the effectiveness of SEO online campaigns. For each of these optimizations, the tools can be used to increase the effectiveness by a few percentage points that will help SEO marketers.

These tools have become more in-depth over time. Earlier this year, Google expanded the score to help online marketers who want to  prioritize recommendations for your Shopping campaigns. In a similar change, the optimization score will now include Display campaigns. This also includes well–meaning recommendations that you can see and act on optimization score for Search, Shopping, and Display. 

It’s easy to ignore these updates, but it’s important to apply this updates whenever possible. Clearly, Google would say that these updates are worthwhile to benefit the website. However, it doesn’t take much to show how much it benefits the Search campaign that uses these tools. According to one estimate from Google, it only requires advertisers who increased their account-level optimization score by 10 points to see a 10 percent increase in conversions, on average.

With the addition of Display ads for optimization scores, Search and Shopping optimization scores that range from 0% to 100%. As a retailer gets close to a 100% optimization score. For example, a campaign that has completed their optimization scores campaigns are set to perform at their full and best potential. When marketers use these optimization scores, it’ll be easier for see separate scores for Search, Shopping, and Display at the campaign level, as well as one combined score at the account level.

These tools can be used by search experts to make campaigns more effective in various ways. For example, Google is using the added unique recommendations just for Display, like creating Smart Display campaigns, using targeting expansion, and adding responsive display ads. There are many ways for a website owners to get the most from these Search, Shopping, and Display ads.

Google will also help marketers by using more information on the best practices and other situations that can make these optimizations and recommendations become the best ways to use these options to make them more effective for advertisers using search campaigns. 

Make sure to check your search campaigns for any issue that relates to making your advertising more effective when it’s run on social media. Using the best practices ensures that everything advertisers use have the best effect on an advertising campaign.

As Google suggests, “In the new Google Ads experience, it’s easier to use recommendations to help improve the accounts you manage. Now, instead of signing in to each individual account you manage, just sign in to your manager account and go to the Recommendations page to see the available recommendations across your managed accounts.”