Spreading the word about the products/services your business offers is a lot easier if you use the power of paid marketing. Google owns over 38% of the paid search industry online. Thanks to the help of Google AdWords, businesses of all sizes have grown and expanded their reach. Devising a comprehensive plan for your paid search efforts is crucial. An integral part of this plan should be getting a good return on your investment. 

When you are a paid search veteran or in the process of setting up your first PPC campaign, finding ways to attract a wider audience without spending tons of money is crucial. Are you trying to optimize your paid search efforts? If so, consider the following tips for success. 

Start by Optimizing Your Website

Before you start to develop a paid search campaign, focus on getting your website ready. These campaigns are designed to send more traffic to your website, which is why you have to make sure it is optimized. One of the main things your website needs is a responsive design. A responsive design will make it much easier for mobile users to view the content on your website. A recent study found that over 74% of mobile Internet users will abandon a website if it is not responsive. 

You also need to make sure your website loads quickly and that there are no broken links in your content. Performing an in-depth audit of your websites is a great way to find issues that need to be fixed. If you are unsure about how to perform this audit or make the necessary changes to your website, your best bet is consulting with marketing professionals. 

Make Sure Your Keywords Make the User’s Journey

Once you feel like your website is up to par, you will need to start figuring out the particulars of your paid search campaign. The keywords you use in your ad text will dictate where your ads show up. Knowing what you want to accomplish with your AdWords campaign is imperative when attempting to add the right keywords. Your keywords should match the user’s journey. 

For instance, if you are trying to create awareness of your brand and show how trustworthy you are, using reviews in your AdWords campaign is smart. Working out these important details of your paid search campaign will be much easier if you allow the team at Small Business SEO to assist you. 

Landing Pages Are Important

Making a paid search campaign worth the investment is easy if you have landing pages in place on your website. These pages should be completely geared towards the product/service you are trying to draw attention to with your paid search efforts. Each of the landing pages on your website should also feature a call to action that spells out what you want consumers to do next. 

We Can Help You Create Paid Search Campaigns

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