Over 90% of consumers claim that online advertisements influence their buying decisions. If a lot of your marketing budget is being devoted to paid search campaigns, getting a good return on this investment should be a top concern. A successful Google AdWords campaign is no accident. Not only will you have to target the right keywords and create landing pages, you also have to focus on developing great ad text. 

In most cases, the text in your paid ads is the first thing a consumer will consider. This is why you need to create ad text that this both easy to understand and engaging. Making your Google Ads super effective is easy if you follow some of the tips below. 

1. Get Specific With Your Ad Text

Being too vague with the text in your Google Ads can leave consumers feeling confused and unsure about what is being offered. This is why getting specific with the content of these ads is so imperative. Using numbers and statistics in your ad text can help you attract attention immediately from the reader. Many studies have shown that ads that feature numbers are perceived to be more accurate and credible by consumers. 

2. Countdown Timers Create a Sense of Urgency

Business owners and entrepreneurs use paid ads for a variety of different reasons. One of the main reasons these ads are purchased is to promote an upcoming sale. When trying to drive more traffic to your website for this sale, you need to make use of countdown timers in your paid ad text. This countdown will give the reader an idea of how much longer they have to respond to the offer in the ad in question. 

Creating this sense of urgency is crucial when trying to increase the amount of attention your paid ad receives. However, you need to use these countdown timers sparingly. Trying to use them on every paid ad campaign you run can make them lose their effectiveness. 

3. Your Ad Text Should Mirror the Consumer’s End Goal

Before you start to devise text for a new paid ad campaign, you need to figure out what type of consumer you are trying to attract. Putting yourself in the mindset of a consumer can help you develop great ad text. Ideally, you want the text in these ads to mirror the end goal of a consumer. Laying out the benefits your product/service can provide the reader can help you spark their interest. 

The more a person knows about what your product/service can do for them in your ad, the easier it will be to get them to visit your website. Moving consumers further down your sales funnel will require the right language, brand image and consistently. 

We Can Create Paid Ad Campaigns That Convert

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