Creating an instantly recognizable brand is one of the main goals most business owners have. Accomplishing this goal is a lot harder than you probably realize. With all of the different businesses vying for attention on the modern market, increasing the visibility your brand has can be challenging. Utilizing the power of Google paid aids can help to increase brand awareness by up to 80 percent

Not only will you need engaging Google Ads copy to reel in consumers, but you also need to invest in great landing pages. These landing pages will be located on your business website and are designed to provide consumers with more information about a certain product/service. Are you trying to optimize your landing pages for maximum impact? If so, check out the useful tips below.

Think About User Intent 

If you want to optimize your landing pages for conversions, then you have to understand more about user intent. This term is used to describe what a consumer is looking for when using search engines like Google. This intent can involve everything from getting answers to a question or finding out details about a particular product service. Once you have an idea of what a person’s intent is when clicking on one of your paid ads, the easier it will be to optimize your landing pages. 

Ideally, you want to address the intent of a consumer at the top of your landing page. Whether this is answering a frequently asked question or listing the features of a new product, addressing user intent can help you turn landing page visitors into actual customers. 

Landing Page Headlines Can Make or Break Conversion Rates

Some business owners labor under the delusion that consumers are going to read every word on their landing pages. In reality, most consumers will only skim the content on these pages. This means you need to work on reeling in a visitor to your landing pages quickly. The best way to do this is by using headlines designed to grab attention. 

As you start to craft these headlines, you need to think about the emotional response your copy is meant to garner from consumers. Do you want to provide feelings of exclusivity? Is your headline designed to show visitors your expertise in a particular field? Knowing the answers to these questions is crucial when trying to grab attention with your landing page headlines. 

Don’t Forget to Include Trust Signals

Did you realize that nearly 88% of consumers check out a company’s online reviews before investing in their products/services? Putting trust signals on your landing pages, like reviews and testimonials, is a great way to establish credibility with consumers. If a consumer sees that other people are having great experiences with your products/services, they are more likely to give them a try. 

We Can Help You Optimize Your Landing Pages

At Small Business SEO, we can take control of your paid search campaigns and make adjustments designed to maximize the number of qualified leads you receive.