User intent is a hot topic in the world of search engine optimization. If you aren’t focusing on meeting and satisfying user intent with your SEO strategy, you may be missing out on some significant traffic and results.

What Is User Intent?

User intent means optimizing your content to answer user search queries. Put simply, it refers to why someone is searching for something in a search engine. What are they trying to achieve when typing or saying something into the search bar?

Usually, the intent is categorized as informational, transactional, or navigational. Still, some like to define commercial intent or to use varied terminology to do something, find something, buy something, go somewhere, etc.

These intents or questions can help you determine the buyer persona and where they are in your current inbound sales funnel. While every inbound funnel is going to be unique, a basic outline includes: attract, convert, close, delight.

How can you determine what the user intent is behind the search term? This is easier than you may think. Put yourself in the searcher’s position and consider – what would you be looking for or do with the specific search term they used?

Now that you know how to think about user intent think about the following.

Focus on User Value

This is a simple tip that needs to permeate through your existing SEO strategy. Consider if what you are doing adds value for users and, if it does, how can you encourage a higher degree of value?

If you are thinking about what users are trying to achieve and providing as much value as possible, you will put yourself in a good position to build a successful campaign now and in the future.

This is the main focus of Google, so you should ensure it is your focus, as well.

Target Transactional Search Terms

For many years, marketing professionals have focused on the sharper end of the funnel, and there is a good reason for this – search terms with transactional intent help increase revenue. These search terms should be used and remain a staple for any website that is focused on dominating popular search engines.

However, there are a few optimization tips related to transactional search terms. These are all focused on adding value for users:

  • Are calls to action (CTAs) clear?
  • How easily can purchases be made from a certain page?
  • Have you offered all information required to make a purchase decision?
  • Are you using language focused on the purchase?

You also need to make it clear to Google that if someone types in a purchased based search term that your page is the best result and should be displayed.

Get Help to Better Focus Your Strategy on User Intent

When it comes to user intent, there is no question things can get tricky. This means you may need help. If this is the case, reach out to third-party professionals to help with this process. They will ensure your campaigns meet your customer’s needs.