The only way to ensure your small business thrives is by focusing on customer engagement. Constantly reminding existing customers about how hard you are working to make their lives easier is an effective way to keep them loyal. By keeping your existing customers engaged and loyal, you can grow your bottom line over time. 

In fact, a recent study found that a five percent increase in customer retention can boost a company’s revenue by up to 95 percent. If you are looking for a unique way to increase customer engagement, starting an online community is a must. Read below for more information about online communities and why building one can benefit your small business. 

What Is An Online Community?

When a group of like-minded individuals interacts with each other on an online platform, it is referred to as an online community. These communities are usually established on popular social media websites like Facebook or Instagram. Generally, the groups created for a small business and their customers on these platforms will be private. This helps to make the participants of the group feel safe and secure. 

Advantages of Starting an Online Community

You need to view creating an online community as a way to invite your customers into a digital space where they can communicate directly with your brand. Starting an online community allows you to reap the following benefits. 

Feedback on Your Products/Services

If you want to keep your customers happy, then consistently improving the products/services you provide is important. The best way to figure out where improvements need to be made is by speaking directly to the people who use your products/services. With an active online community, you can find out more about where your customer’s pain points are and what you can do to address them. 

Lower Customer Support Costs

Figuring out the recurring issues that customers are having with your products/services can help you fix them. If you want to lower the cost of providing top-notch customer support, an online community is a great tool to use. With this community, you can receive complaints from your customers and address them in a timely manner. 

Get To Know Your Customers Better

When trying to figure out what new products/services to offer your audience, having the right information can go a long way. If you want to remove the guesswork from choosing new products/services to provide your customers, then you need to start an online community. 

Dialoging directly with your customers in this community can help you determine what they want/need from your business. By satisfying these needs with new products/services, you can make your small business more profitable. Posting new content in your online community daily can help you keep the conversation with your customers going. 

While building an online community will take time and effort, it is well worth it in the long run. With this online community, you can keep your customers engaged and interested in what your business is doing.