Giving your online visibility a boost can help you generate more viable leads. While most business owners realize the importance of improving their online visibility, many of them don’t know how to accomplish this goal. Setting your business apart from your competitors will require both hard work and great content. If the content you are producing isn’t informing and entertaining your target audience, you will have a hard time converting website visitors into actual customers. 

As you put out new content, you will need to collect data to show you whether or not it is hitting its mark. Engagement rates are something you need to keep an eye on if you want to produce content that converts. Read below for more information about online engagement rates and why monitoring this metric is important. 

What is Engagement?

Before you can start monitoring customer engagement, you need to understand more about what this term refers to. Basically, engagement is a term used to describe the amount of time social media followers and website visitors are spending interacting with your posts. The type of engagement metrics you monitor will depend heavily on the platforms you are using. Typically, high engagement rates are an indication that a brand is putting out content that is both exciting and informative. 

Engagement Metrics You Need To Know About

If you are curious about how engaging your online content is, you will need to learn more about certain engagement metrics. Below you can learn more about the various types of engagement metrics and why monitoring them is vital. 

Conversions and Referrals

Most businesses are passionate about finding ways to grow their bottom lines. If you want to see how well your content is performing, then you need to monitor conversion and referral metrics. A referral is a term used to describe how a user finds your website. The purchases or sales leads produced from these website visitors are referred to as conversions. A recent study found that nearly 78% of business owners feel like referrals are an excellent source of quality sales leads. If your content is engaging, you should have no problem improving both referral and conversion metrics. 

Reach and Impression 

If you are mostly concerned with improving brand awareness and perception, then you need to focus on engaging metrics that revolve around impression and reach. An impression is the number of times a new post is displayed on a digital screen. The reach your posts has refers to the number of views it has. The more people you have viewing and engaging with your posts, the easier it will be to expand your customer base. 

Social Shares Are Important

Social media is one of the best places to post new content. If you want to see how well your new content is doing on social media, then monitoring the number of shares it receives is crucial. If your posts are getting lots of shares, it is an indication that consumers are connecting with what you are saying. 

With the help of the engagement metrics mentioned in this article, you can figure out how to reach a new audience with your message.