Did you realize that over 88% of the businesses in the United States advertise their products/services on social media? Figuring out which social media platforms you need to advertise on will require lots of research. Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites on Earth. Generating leads with the help of Facebook can help you grow your bottom line over time.

Having success with Facebook marketing is only possible if you focus on providing great content to your audience. Content like video and blogs can help you inform the general public about your company. However, you will need to do more to turn your Facebook followers into actual customers.

If you are trying to attract attention on Facebook, then hosting a contest for your followers is a great idea. Below are some things you need to know about running a successful Facebook contest.

Choosing the Right Type of Facebook Contest

The first thing you have to figure out when trying to have success with this type of Facebook marketing technique is what type of content you want to run. Most business owners fail to realize there are many different types of contests they can use to engage with consumers. The type of contest you host will depend heavily on your core demographic and your budget.

If you want to increase awareness of your brand or the products/services you carry, then hosting a contest where consumers submit pictures or videos of your product/services in action is a must. Not only can this help you improve brand awareness, it can also help you provide potential consumers with social proof.

You can also host contests that involve sharing your post or commenting on the original thread. If you are unsure about the type of Facebook contest to run, then consult with an experienced social media marketing agency. With this professional help, you can have success with your first Facebook contest.

Get Familiar With Facebook’s Contest Rules

One of the main mistakes inexperienced business owners make when running a Facebook contest is failing to brush up on the rules this social media platform has. These guidelines are put in place to protect Facebook users from being scammed. Ignoring these rules can result in your posts getting removed or your page being deleted. A marketing professional will be very familiar with these guidelines. This means they can help you structure your contest in accordance with these rules.

A marketing professional will also be able to monitor the contest and find ways to make improvements for the next promotion you run. Attempting to handle this complex task without professional help can hurt your brand instead of helping it. This is why you need to pay professionals to run your Facebook contests.

Start Generating Leads on Social Media

If you want to use your Facebook business page to generate leads, then contact Small Business SEO. Our team will work hard to help you increase your company’s reach and grow your bottom line.