Regardless of what type of business you operate, finding ways to grow your customer base and enhance profitability is important. Failing to accomplish either of these goals can lead to your business closing for good. Rather than using traditional forms of advertising, modern business owners use search engine optimization and social media marketing to attract new customers. Over 1 billion people visit social media websites like Facebook daily. 

Pairing a sound Facebook lead generation strategy with a paid search campaign can help you increase the flow of traffic to your website and the number of viable leads you receive. Does it seem like your current Facebook lead generation strategy is coming up short? Here are some signs you may notice when it is time to change your approach to Facebook marketing and lead generation. 

All of Your Facebook Posts Are Focused on Selling Products/Services

Inexperienced business owners have a hard time figuring out what type of Facebook posts they need to publish. This generally leads to all of the posts an entrepreneur makes being focused on selling products/services. While it is important to information Facebook followers about your products/services, you need to offer more value with your posts. 

For years, marketing professionals have used the 80/20 rule to make choosing the right social media posts. This rule states that a business should post about light-hearted and informative content 80% of the time. The other 20% of your posts will need to involve trying to sell followers your products/services. By using this rule, you can avoid losing the interest of your Facebook followers. 

You Routinely Ignore Consumer Feedback on Facebook

A Facebook lead generation strategy is something that should be in a constant state of reinvention. Knowing how to change and optimize this strategy will be difficult if you don’t acquire feedback from consumers. The people who follow the businesses they use on Facebook are usually not shy about sharing their experience, whether it is good or bad. When receiving negative Facebook reviews or comments, the last thing you should do is ignore them. 

Responding to these negative comments will show other consumers how professional you are. Listening to the complaint a person has and using it to make your business better is imperative. By doing this, you can increase the quality and quantity of your Facebook sales leads. 

Facebook Posts are Inconsistent

Keeping your brand fresh in the minds of the people who follow you on Facebook is harder than it seems. Most people are bombarded with ads and information as they scroll through their Facebook feeds. Getting these individuals to stop and engage with your content will require lots of hard work. Keeping your posts both consistent and engaging, can help you generate more leads with your Facebook business page. 

We Make Facebook Lead Generation Easy!

If you are tired of dealing with low engagement levels on your Facebook business page, it is time to make a change. Contact Small Business SEO and let us help you develop a Facebook lead generation campaign.