The average business owner spends a lot of money on their online marketing campaigns. Getting a great return on your investment in online marketing should be something you view as a priority. Tracking the results each of your marketing campaigns generates is crucial when trying to figure out how to optimize them for maximum impact. 

A recent study found that most small businesses have a content marketing budget of $10,000 a year. Whether you are spending $10,000 or $100,000 a year on content marketing, you need to make sure you are getting a good return on your investment. The best way to gauge the success of your content marketing campaigns is by keeping up with certain metrics. Below is some information about content marketing metrics and why they are so important. 

What Are Content Marketing Metrics?

Content marketing metrics allow you to see how many people are accessing the content on your website. The more you know about who is consuming this content and how they are finding out about it, the easier it will be to improve your content marketing campaigns. Failing to monitor these metrics can result in you spending lots of money on content that isn’t providing results. Rather than wasting your marketing budget on ineffective content, you need to view tracking these metrics as a priority. 

Important Content Marketing Metrics to Track

Now that you know more about what content marketing metrics are, you need to figure out which metrics you need to be tracking. 

Social Shares are Important

One of the main tools consumers use to communicate with the brands they use is social media. When posting new content on your website, you need to provide visitors with easy-to-find social share buttons. By clicking one of these buttons, people consuming your content can share it with their followers on social media. Tracking how many social shares your content is getting is crucial when trying to figure out which social media platforms to market your products/services on.  

Consumer Engagement

If you want your content marketing campaign to be successful, then providing valuable blogs, infographics and videos to your audience is vital. One of the best ways to assess content engagement levels is by looking at the comments left by consumers. If a person leaves a comment on your blog posts, they have probably found it useful. Responding to these comments is a great way to show potential customers your business is paying attention. 

Tracking Backlinks

The number of backlinks your content is receiving is also another important metric to track. The more backlinks you have to your website, the higher your search engine rank will become. The best way to drive the number of backlinks you receive up is by creating content filled with useful and industry-specific content.

By tracking the metrics mentioned in this article, you can optimize your content marketing campaigns. With well-optimized content marketing campaigns, you can grow your bottom line over time.