Business owners worldwide are expected to spend over $350 billion on digital marketing campaigns in the coming year. Getting in the habit of spending money on marketing campaigns that aren’t effective can put you in a financially compromised position. Digital marketing campaigns aren’t something you can set and forget; they need to be changed over time to reflect the needs of the consumer. 

Allowing the methods you use to market products/services to the general public to become outdated can lead to the inability to generate new leads. Below are some signs you might notice when it is time to update your existing digital marketing strategy. 

An Outdated Website Gets in the Way of Progress

Did you realize that nearly 60% of all buying decisions are made before a person even contacts your company? Most people do extensive research about a company online before deciding to buy the products/services they provide. When people start to research your business, you need to make sure they find helpful information on your website. In the modern era of marketing, a website is basically an interactive business card. If your website is devoid of things like blogs, online reviews or engaging videos, it will be nearly impossible to generate new sales leads. 

A bad web design can make your business look untrustworthy or low-budget, which is never a good thing. Allowing an experienced web designer to perform an in-depth audit of your website is a great way to see where changes need to be made. 

Your Existing Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Include Mobile Users

In the past, most people accessed websites from their personal computers and laptops. Over the past decade or so, there has been a noticeable shift from computers to mobile devices in regards to how people access the Internet. Some business owners fail to realize just how important it is to consider these mobile users when ironing out the details of their digital marketing strategy. 

If your existing website is not responsive, it will be frustrating for mobile users to try and access the content on it. This frustration will usually lead to mobile users exiting your website in a hurry. This is why you need to make some changes to accommodate these mobile users. 

No New Sales Leads 

If you are spending tons of money on digital marketing campaigns and are seeing a limited return on your investment, it is time to make changes. One of the main things you will probably notice when changes need to be made to your existing marketing strategy is a lack of new sales leads. The best way to figure out how to fix this problem is by tracking where your leads are coming from. 

Investing more money and time into avenues that are generating leads can help you greatly. Working with marketing professionals allows you to track key performance indicators and maximize the effectiveness of your strategy. 

If you are noticing one or more of the warning signs mentioned here, it is time to seek out the help of the team at Small Business SEO.