The average person has a very short attention span. Usually, a website has less than 10 seconds to make an impression on a visitor before they move on. Bounce rate is a term used to describe how long a visitor spends on a website. If your bounce rate is growing larger with each passing day, you have to figure out a way to stop this problem in its tracks. Accomplishing this goal will take some research and the help of an experienced marketing professional. 

Ignoring these problems will only lead to your website getting lower traffic over time. Read below for information on common problems that can drive people away from your website and what you can do to fix them. 

Website Visitors Aren’t Sure What Your Business Does

Having appealing website copy and videos will only take you so far when trying to generate more sales leads. There are many websites online that are downright confusing. If it is difficult for people to figure out exactly what your business does, they will lose interest in your website quickly. This is why it should be your mission to provide this useful information immediately to the visitors of your website. 

An effective way to convey this information is with a short and engaging video on your homepage. This video should lay out in detail what your business offers and how your products/services can benefit the end-consumer. By providing visitors with this information, you increase the chances of them becoming actual customers. 

Modern Consumers Detest Slow Websites

Most people expect the websites they use to load in under five seconds. In the past, load speeds this high were unthought of. However, modern technology has made it possible for digital assets to perform at lightning-fast speeds. If a website is slow to load, most people will exit it without much thought. There are a number of problems that can cause your website to slow down. 

Uncovering the root cause of this problem is a job best left to professionals. An experienced web developer will have no problem auditing the various elements that make your website work. Large image file sizes and coding errors are some of the most common causes of slow-loading websites. Putting these problems behind you for good is much easier with the right professional in your corner. 

Your Website is Devoid of Social Proof

Positive online reviews are a great way to showcase how trustworthy your business is. When visiting a website for the first time, most people will look for social proof like positive reviews. If visitors are unable to verify the legitimacy your business has, they will be apprehensive about using your products/services. This is why you need to prominently the social proof you have in your possession. 

Changing your website for the better is no easy task. This is why working with the professionals at Small Business SEO is important when trying to have success with this optimization process.