For most people, venturing past the first page of search results is something that rarely happens. Instead of moving on to the next page, most people will revise their search to achieve more targeted results.

The first page in SERPs is considered coveted real estate for all businesses. This is because first page results on Google get a lot of interaction and traffic. 

Unfortunately, not all sites can make it to one of these coveted spots. Even if your site makes it to page one, you may find it starts to fall in ranking at some point. When this happens, you need to figure out why to reduce the damage that occurs. Some of the most common reasons your site may fall in rank can be found here. 

Google’s Search Ranking Factors  

Google’s algorithms, which determine where your page ranks, are always changing. The goal is to provide searchers with the best possible answers to their questions. If you want to maintain a high ranking on Google, you have to keep up with the changes and make adjustments to your site, as needed. 

Your Competition 

Along with watching what Google is doing, you need to pay attention to your competition, too. Each day, older competitors may disappear, and new ones may come into your industry. The new businesses may bring along fresh and innovative SEO strategies, too, which can cause you to fall in the rankings while they rise. 

Taking time to analyze the best performers’ strategies and sites in your industry will help you figure out what you need to do to hold steady at your rank. You can also know when improvements need to be made. 

Changing Strategies 

Sometimes, your competition will begin to revise its strategy because of its customer expectations. Various social movements and current events can result in a shift in expectations for the type of content people want. It can also change the intent behind the search terms you use. 

Customers want and need shifts as time passes. Successful businesses are going to make changes to meet the demand. If you aren’t doing this, there is a good chance you will fall behind the competition. Be sure you keep your information updated and that you highlight any new or innovative changes you have made. This is going to help you keep customers engaged and maintain your top ranking in Google. 

Site Updates 

Sometimes, site updates (which were praised above) can also cause a dip in your rank. Be sure to make changes carefully and ensure that they provide the desired results. This is the only way you will achieve your goals when it comes to your site’s rank. 

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by knowing why your site’s rank may fall. When you have this information, you will know what to do to keep your top spot. In the long run, this will pay off and help ensure you get the results desired for your website.