Billions of dollars are spent each year on paid search campaigns. With the help of Google AdWords, business owners are able to get attention from interested consumers. Making sure your paid search efforts are actually worth the investment is imperative if you want to be successful. One of the main metrics you should assess when trying to gauge the value of your paid search marketing campaigns is conversion rates. Simply flooding your business website with paid traffic won’t provide you with the boost in profitability you are looking for. 

You have to figure out how to turn the people who land on your website with the help of a paid ad into actual customers. This is more challenging than you probably realize, which is why allowing a PPC professional to help optimize your campaigns is a must. If you want to give your paid traffic conversion rates a boost, then consider the helpful information in this article. 

Take a Look At Your Calls To Action

The average person is bombarded with marketing messages every time they use the Internet. If you want your paid search campaigns to be successful, you need to work on spelling out what you want in your ad copy. Having a great headline is the first step in capturing the attention of a search engine user. Once the initial impact of the headline wears off, you need to have ad copy that drives your message home to improve conversion rates. 

The call to action (CTA) in your ad copy is there to direct the reader to the next step of your sales funnel. This part of the copy needs to provide detailed instructions about what you want the reader to do next. These can be suggestions to visit your website, engage with landing pages or to contact a member of your staff by phone. If this part of the ad copy is unclear and confusing, you will lose lots of sales leads. Consulting with marketing professionals is a great way to figure out how to tweak your CTAs for maximum impact. 

Keep Your Message Consistent

When trying to have success with Google AdWords, you need to figure out what your message to consumers will be. Whether you want to boost sales or draw attention to a new product/service, Google Ads can help you accomplish these goals. Once you establish what your message is, you need to keep it consistent. If your ad copy does not jive with the content on your website, you can lose the interest of a visitor. 

Taking the consistency of your messaging to the next level is easy with well-optimized landing pages. These pages are designed to cover a single topic. Aligning these pages with the copy in your Google Ads is crucial when trying to get your money’s worth out of your paid search investment. 

The world of paid marketing can be very confusing. Rather than trying to navigate this industry on your own, you need to seek out the help of Small Business SEO.