For most businesses, a goal of their marketing efforts is to ensure your business ranks high in Google SERPs. While organic search results are best, achieving a top spot here takes time. A faster option to boost your business’s position is to invest in Google Ads.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful with the Google Ad creation process, you may wind up in a rather expensive trap that produces minimal results. Keep reading to learn about the most common hidden costs related to using Google Ads and what you can do to reduce the likelihood of experiencing them.


There are many pitfalls with Google Ads. This includes things like lackluster customer support and overly simplistic guides. If you aren’t sure what to do or how to do it, you may find you waste a lot of time while trying to learn this platform. You may also be vulnerable to mistakes that will waste your marketing budget.

Irrelevant Terms

Keyword searches can range from billions to under 10 per month. The searches come down to if you have set up the keywords match times the right way.

  • Broad Match Keywords: This lets similar phrases or words replace keywords. It opens up billions of different keyword combinations. However, this may or may not be a useful tool to find new prospects based on the product or service niche.
  • Phrase Match Keyword: With this option, you allow your selected keyword to be used in a longer phrase. It is essential to make sure you watch search terms to make sure your ads are properly paired with search intent.
  • Exact Match Keyword: Only provides precise keyword matches and misspellings of the keyword. This is a smart option for keywords that have higher search volumes.

To ensure success with your Google Ads, using the proper match types is a must. If you use the wrong match types, your account may be costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars on completely irrelevant phrases.

Low-Quality Ad Copy

Creating quality ad content is a daunting and labor-intensive task. If you are lazy when creating ad copy, this will cost you. Your ad performance is often tied to the ad’s quality and its relation to the keywords you are bidding for. If your keywords are not used in your ad copy, and you don’t establish value, you will pay the price and have to spend more for each cost per click.

Put simply, this is how Google sees things:

  • A quality ad will cost you $1 per click
  • A poor ad will cost you for $4 per click

In some situations, the difference may be even more substantial. Taking the time to include your keywords and to create quality ad copy will make a huge difference in what you are spending on Google Ads.

When it comes to creating quality ads, working with professionals may be helpful. They can help ensure you get the desired results without overspending. Keep this in mind to achieve the desired results for your Google Ads.