Professionally-Written Google Ad Copy Vs. DIY Ad Copy: Small Details Make a Big DifferenceChoosing the right way to market a small business is a lot harder than it sounds. One of the most popular and effective ways to get the word out about your business is by using Google AdWords. Studies show that brand awareness increases by roughly 80% for businesses that use paid search. Using Google AdWords to its full potential will require the help of seasoned professionals.

Some business owners think they can create and manage their own Google AdWords campaigns, but this is rarely the case. One of the key components that a successful AdWords campaign needs is well-written ad copy. Here are some of the differences between professionally-written ad copy and ad copy written by inexperienced business owners.

Professionals Know How to Optimize Google Ad Copy

The biggest misconception most business owners have about Google AdWords is that success in this paid medium is unpredictable. In reality, experienced and proven marketing professionals have a formula they use to get results. A crucial component of AdWords success is well-written and engaging copy. Allowing professionals to craft this copy will allow you to take advantage of a number of benefits.

Professionals Know How to Use the Power of Stats in Ad Copy

Capturing the attention of online consumers can be difficult. Since modern consumers have more than ever before to see and experience online, your ad copy has to instantly grab attention. Most professionals use the power of interesting stats and numbers to attract attention.

With the right stat, you can inform a reader about how your product/service benefits them. Simply listing the features your product/service has will not be enough to reel in readers and turn them into actual customers.

Ongoing Ad Testing is Crucial

Google Ad copy is not something you can set and forget. This copy will need to be changed to reflect the needs of consumers and current marketing trends. Professionals will closely monitor how many clicks your ads are getting.

They will use this information to figure out how to optimize them for maximum impact. If a particular ad is not getting much engagement, marketing professionals will either rewrite it or remove it completely. Ignoring the need for these changes can result in you wasting money on ads that aren’t producing results.

Writing Your Own Ad Copy is a Big Mistake

Cutting corners in an attempt to save a few dollars can backfire on a business owner. This is why writing your own Google Ad copy is a horrible idea. Writing your own ad copy can result in a number of mistakes occurring.

Keyword Stuffing is a Horrible Idea

The biggest mistake most business owners make when writing their own ad copy is overdoing it with the keywords. While have a naturally occurring keyword in your ad copy is a must, putting the keyword in too many times can result in problems.

Ignoring the Need For a Call To Action

Another mistake business owners make when writing their own ad copy is forgetting to ad a call to action. Without a call to action, readers will be unsure about the next action they need to take. Rather than confusing and alienating potential customers, you need to hire professionals to right your Google Ad copy.

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