According to statistics, the approximately conversion rate for PPC campaigns, across all industries is 3.75%. It is only 0.77% for display networks. However, this rate does vary from one industry to another, so keep this in mind.

The PPC conversion rate for all industries is much lower through the Google Display Network.

If you have noticed that your PPC conversion rates are under the industry averages, it is time to put in some additional effort to improve them. Keep reading to learn some of the best tips to increase your PPC conversion rate below.

Improve Your Landing Pages

Your landing page is often the first impression people have about your business after they click your PPC ad. Therefore, it is a critical factor that will impact your PPC conversion rate. Therefore, you must optimize it to increase your conversions.

When designing your landing page, you must have a clear goal in mind. This requires you to figure out what action you want your visitors to take. Create a page that helps you encourage that action. For example, if you show several offers, there is a chance that people visiting the page will get confused. Be sure you have unique landing pages for every PPC offer.

Some of the elements to focus on when it comes to an optimized landing page can be found here.

The Headlines

Make sure the headlines are short and concise—these need to be easily visible, keeping the font size larger without taking up the whole page. Don’t go overboard with the length of the headlines – shorter is better. Ideally, your headlines should be between six and 12 words.

The Content

Your landing page needs to attract a visitor’s attention. As a result, it needs to have amazing content. You should create a landing page copy that will resonate with your audience. Be sure to discuss how your product or your offer is going to benefit them. The content needs to encourage a visitor to take the desired action while maintaining your brand voice.


Your CTA – call-to-action – needs to be clear and large. This will ensure your visitors do not have to put too much effort into locating it. This will show them what step to take next then make a smooth transition to the conversion stage, which will significantly boost your PPC conversion rate.

Loading Time

You need to ensure your landing pages load quickly. That’s because each second delay with the loading speed will reduce your conversion rate by up to seven percent. When you can achieve faster loading times, it will also improve your SEO. You can see how quickly your pages load now by using Google PageSpeed Insights.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to improve the landing page you have created for your PPC campaigns. If necessary, contact the professionals. They can help you achieve the results desired for your PPC efforts.