Business owners spend thousands of dollars building and maintaining their websites. If you have a functional website in place, you need to figure out how to drive more traffic to it. Before you can conquer the global market, you need to keep your aspirations local. Gaining the lion’s share of your local market will not only require a great website, you will also need to use helpful tools like Google My Business. With this tool, you create a profile for your business that shares helpful information with consumers. 

Making the mistake of filling in only the bare essentials of your Google My Business listing can lead to a lot of valuable leads being missed. Modern consumers are hungry for information and use your Google My Business listing to gather what they need to vet your company. Are you trying to optimize your Google My Business listing? If so, read below for some helpful tips. 

Get Active and Answer Questions About Your Business

The Google My Business platform is designed to help consumers find out more about the companies in their area. There is even a feature where curious consumers can ask questions on this platform. Taking advantage of this user-generated content can help you improve your profile’s visibility and popularity. Showing potential customers how responsive and engaged you are can make a great impression on them. 

Capitalizing on this great impression can help you grow your bottom line and expand your customer base. However, if you ignore the questions asked by Google users, you run the risk of alienating new customers. If you simply don’t have time to monitor online activity and respond, then handing this responsibility off to a competent and experienced marketing professional is a good idea. 

If you want to really harness the SEO power of this content, create a landing page where you post recently asked questions and the answers. This new-age FAQ page can help you both address common questions and showcase your online presence to local consumers.

Don’t Forget to Complete the Category Section

Over the years, the Google My Business platform has undergone many changes. Some business owners fail to keep up with these changes and their local marketing efforts suffer as a result. If you want to get attention from interested locals, then completing the category section on your Google My Business profile is wise. You need to realize that the more categories you add to your profile, the harder it will be to rank in the local top three on the results page. This is why you need to focus on including only two to three categories on this listing. 

When optimized correctly, a Google My Business listing can be a constant source of high-value leads. If you are having trouble meeting your local marketing goals, then working with the team at Small Business SEO is in your best interest. Our team will work hard to help you expand your business and your online presence.