Having content on your website, blog, or social media platforms is a powerful tool for all types of businesses. It can effectively spread the word about what you do and help you connect with your customers who may not know you exist otherwise. 

However, it is only possible to see these benefits if people see the content you produce. Now is the time to learn how to boost your content’s visibility. 

The Importance of Improving Your Content’s Visibility 

If you create content and post it somewhere online, it will attract readers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Even if your content is the most amazing thing ever written, you must take steps to make sure people find it. Increasing your content’s visibility is something that requires time and effort. Because this may be something you do not have time to do yourself, it may be wise to look into affordable SEO for small businesses from seasoned professionals. 

Along with seeking professional help, you should also use the tips and methods described here. 

1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity When It Comes to Your Followers 

You can fill your social media presence with as many blog subscribers or followers as possible. After all, bigger numbers are better, right? If you have followers who don’t care about your business or what you are posting, this will not benefit you in any way. Because of this, you need to focus on quality over quantity. 

The first step in this is to define your target audience. You can use a media monitoring tool to look for specific keywords on several social media platforms. Try following the people who join conversations about what type of content you create. You can also look at the followers of similar brands to you and your competition. Give these people a follow, too. If someone is interested in the topics you have posted about, they are much more likely to follow you in return. 

2. Engage with People on Social Media

Encouraging engagement with people who follow you on social media is an essential strategy for online marketers to use to help boost visibility. The more people you have talking about and engaging with the information you post, the more likely others will see it. 

The name for this is the “reach” metric. You should encourage people to interact with your business or brand by asking questions. When you do this, your company will be present to those who are engaged with the community, effectively improving your online content and brand reach. 

3. Post Your Content at the Right Times

Even though there is no single magical time to post your content, you should post when you can get the maximum visibility. You can reach more people by taking the time to figure out when people will see your content. 

Several studies have shown that there are various optimal times to post on various social media websites. While you can use these as guidelines, it is a good idea to look at the statistics relevant to your page to determine the right time for your audience. 

This is a good rule to follow for blog posts, too. 

You can use Google Analytics to show your blog traffic spikes and the engagement tool Meltwater (or something similar) to figure out when your social media audience will be present and engaged. 

4. Optimize Your Online Content for Search and Ensure It Is Unique

When someone goes online to find something, they will start with a search engine (in most cases). Because of this, it is essential that you optimize your website so that your page shows up more often and higher in the search results. A huge part of this is ensuring that your content is completely unique to ensure you are not penalized by search engine algorithms. 

You should also include relevant keywords and make sure your content is organized in an easy-to-scan and logical manner. The Google search console is a great resource for finding related keywords. The tool lets you know people’s search terms to locate your content. You can then use the information provided to improve the visibility of your content and write additional content that includes the searched keywords. 

5. Include Plenty of Visual Elements

Adding visual elements to your web page, blog post, or social media feed effectively boosts visibility and engagement. Visuals, GIFs, infographics, and photos are all good options. Visual posts are going to get more likes, comments, and shares. Additionally, they will retain more of the information you post. 

6. Add Hashtags to Your Content 

Using hashtags for tagging your posts will help ensure that even more people see them. It is a good idea to include tags that are industry relevant and that your customers may be searching for. It is also possible to see which tags are trending and then use them to help increase your visibility even more. 

The key is ensuring you remain on-brand with anything you post. Also, never stuff your keywords into your content unnaturally. Twitter has posted advice about this – do not use over three hashtags for each post. Using more than three makes you seem desperate for attention. 

Since you should limit your hashtags, you must choose ones that will provide the most impact possible. In this situation, research is essential. This is the case, even if it is only a hashtag. 

7. Pin the Most Important Posts That You Make

Social media sites will usually keep the most recent content you have posted at the top of your feed. As a result, even amazing online content will get lost and buried among content that may not be as great. 

Today, most social media sites let you “pin” certain posts at the top of the page. This ensures that it is the first post that all visitors see. 

What you pin depends on your needs. You may want to pin some important announcement or a post that captures what your brand is all about. You can also pin a post that can help generate more website traffic or a link to a project that you are proud of. Be sure to combine analytics and monitoring to find content your readers will engage with the most. 

8. Share Content from Other People 

If you take time to find quality content from other people and share it, you will get your name noticed by the person whose content you are sharing. You will also get in front of their followers. 

It will also help you add new content to your posting, making following you more interesting. Ensure that you provide the proper attribution to the content you share to the person who created it instead of just copying it. This will also help you expand your following and community by leveraging new relationships with third parties. If you have issues finding relevant information for your content or what you do, consider investing in media monitoring. Doing this will help you see the content that has positively impacted your industry.  

9. Share Content You Create 

While sharing other people’s content is great, it is not the only strategy you should use. You should also write and share the content you create. A good rule to follow is to post approximately 80% of your content and 20% of the content from a third party. 

Also, be sure to share evergreen and new blog posts that you write via your social media channels. Include a sidebar with all your social media profiles on your website. 

Always cross-promote your social media presence to generate more followers on all of them and share your content and other people’s content to help this alone. 

10. Improve Your Personal Branding

You must develop a consistent and clear brand for your business. However, if you take the time to develop your personal brand, it will strengthen your business. Encourage your organization’s leaders to develop brands aligned with your company’s. After that, you can share content with each other and promote one another online. This will benefit you, your company, and the other part. 

It is also possible to use media monitoring strategies to see if anyone is talking about your brand or business online. Today, social media is considered a powerful PR tool, and you should not ignore this fact when you are working to build or grow your brand. 

Increase Your Content’s Visibility

As you can see from the information here, there are more than a few ways to increase your content’s visibility. Remember, these methods may not provide immediate results, but they will be beneficial over time. 

If you need help with this, contact our team at Small Business SEO. We can evaluate your current content strategy and make improvements that will help ensure that the content you post is seen and engaged with. 

Content is still king, and if you want people to read what you write about, you have to increase the visibility of your posts.