Last year, Google announced an upcoming Page Experience update that would be launched in May 2021. Recently, though, the company announced a delay in the launch of this update. Now it is scheduled to begin in mid-June and be complete by the end of August. 

With this delay, you now have time to prepare better and ensure you make the necessary changes to your site to meet the coming changes. Along with adjusting, as needed, it is also a good idea to get to know some of the changes to expect. Keep reading to find out what these are. 

Launch of Page Experience Report in Google Search Console 

With the update, a new Page Experience report will be available in the Google Search Console. This new report will combine the Core Web Vitals report and other factors that impact a visitor’s page experience. Some of these include:

  • Ad experience: You can’t use advertising techniques that interrupt, distract, or lead to a poor user experience. If your site is flagged as providing a bad ad experience, each page is considered to have this bad experience. 
  • HTTPS usage: Pages need to be presented with HTTPS to offer a good page experience
  • Security issues: Security issues on your site will disqualify all URLs on your site from having a good status. 
  • Mobility usability: URLs should not have mobile usability efforts to be considered a good page experience. 

On the Page Experience report, you will see the percentage of URLs on the website that provide a good experience based on evaluating the factors above. As a site owner, you can use this report to learn more about different page experience components. You will also be able to find new ways to improve your efforts. 

Updates to the Search Performance Report 

There will also be an update to the Search Performance report in the Page Experience update, which you can find in the Search Console. This update makes it possible to filter out pages that provide a good page experience. With this feature, you can track how your pages provide a good experience compared to the other pages on your website (or another website). 

Google’s Purpose Behind the Page Experience Update 

The mission of Google Search is to provide users with the help they are looking for to find sites online that best answer their queries or questions. The goal of these updates is to effectively highlight the best possible experiences to ensure that users will be able to find the information they want or need. 

Updates are released by Google regularly because the company’s work is ongoing. It wants to continue improving search results to ensure that searchers are fully satisfied with the results achieved. If you need help preparing for this update, it is good to reach out to third-party service providers. They can provide advice and guidance regarding how to move forward and how to make the most of the latest update.