Business owners around the world are on a never-ending search for ways to connect with both desktop and mobile Internet users. While there are a number of ways you can drive traffic to your website for free, you need to develop a paid marketing strategy if you want to edge out your competition. Making a paid search campaign successful is a lot harder than most business owners realize. 

As you start to research the world of paid search marketing, you will start to uncover certain trends that you need to follow. Optimized landing pages are an essential part of any successful paid search marketing campaign. When you start to look at the landing pages of successful businesses, you will notice a few similarities and here are some of them. 

Above-the-Fold Positioning 

The call-to-action is one of the most important parts your landing pages have. This part of your landing page content is designed to move consumers from one part of your sales funnel to the next. Generally, a call-to-action will provide readers with information bout the actions they need to take next. Burying this essential part of landing page text at the bottom of the page is a bad decision. Ideally, you want the call-to-action to be the first thing that visitors to your landing pages see. 

The highest converting landing pages on the Internet take advantage of above-the-fold positioning in relation to the call-to-action. This basically means that the call-to-action is located at the top of the landing page instead of at the bottom. By putting your call-to-action at the top of the page, you can let consumers know what you are offering immediately. 

A Detailed Feature Walkthrough

By 2022, global digital advertising spending is estimated to reach over $389 billion. When investing money in paid search campaigns, you need to find ways to maximize the return you receive. If you have created landing pages for a particular product/service, providing readers with detailed information about these items is imperative. This is why your landing pages need to feature a detailed breakdown of the features your product/service has. 

When laying out these features, you need to make sure you are providing information about how your product/service directly benefits the reader. By laying out these benefits, you can appeal to the emotional side of your landing page visitors. 

Don’t Forget To Add Appealing Visuals

You only have a few seconds to make a good impression with your landing page design. Modern consumers are very impatient and will leave your website if the landing page design you have in place is not both engaging and appealing. High-converting landing pages generally have images related to the subject matter around the top of the page. With the right visuals, you can reel in potential leads and turn them into actual customers. 

Applying the tips in this article will help you increase the success your landing pages have. With well-optimized landing pages, you can get a great return on your paid search investment.