Appealing to mobile users is something most business owners are adamant about. These business owners realize that more and more people use their mobile devices to access the Internet and perform searches on Google. If you are engaged in paid search campaigns, making sure these campaigns reach mobile users is vital. 

In February of 2021, Google announced that the responsive search ad (RSA) is now the default ad type. In the past, the expanded text ad was the default ad type. This sudden shift to mobile default ad types has opened many entrepreneur’s eyes to the importance of a mobile marketing strategy. Below are some things to consider when trying to write mobile-friendly Google search ads. 

Listing Location-Based Information In Your Description

If the headline of your Google Ad catches the attention of a mobile consumer, they will immediately check out the description below it. Ideally, you want this description to contain pertinent information that will help the reader. This should include information about the benefits/features your company’s products/services have. If you are trying to get mobile users into your storefront, then including information about your location and hours of operation is a must. 

Mobile users that see information worded like we are open now or that a business is located a few miles from where they are may stop by for a visit. Providing this information near the beginning of your ad description can help you win over mobile users and increase the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. 

Call Only Ads Are Very Noticeable

As you start to craft ads for your paid search efforts, you need to consider what your main goal with these ads is. If you are mostly concerned about receiving calls from interested mobile consumers, then investing in a few call-only ads is in your best interest. These ads feature both text and the phone number of a business. Mobile users can click these ads and connect with a member of your staff. 

Since these ads are so easy for mobile users to engage with, the amount of attention you will attract with them is substantial. The call to action of your ad text should encourage the mobile user to call your team. Service-based businesses generally use this ad type to increase the number of viable leads they receive from mobile users. 

Don’t Forget To Add Links To Your Website

One of the best ways to drive traffic from your Google Ads to your website is with the help of links. Before you put a link to parts of your website in these ads, you need to make sure these pages are optimized for mobile users. Usually, links to hours/directions or in-store deals can help you capture the attention of a mobile user. Allowing experienced PPC professionals to optimize your paid search campaigns will help to ensure they reach the right people. 

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