How to Attract Mobile Consumers With Your Paid Search AdsRoughly 3.9 billion consumers use their mobile devices to access the Internet on a yearly basis. The number of mobile consumers seems to be growing with each passing year, which is why business owners need to figure out how to market to these individuals. Paid search campaigns are one of the cornerstones of any successful digital marketing strategy.

Ensuring that mobile users have a great experience with the paid search ads you produce is imperative. Ignoring this demographic may result in a number of sales leads being lost. Here are some things you can do to increase the engagement and effectiveness of your mobile paid search ads.

Experimenting with Call-Only Ads

The average consumer spends multiple hours a day on their mobile phone. If a person is looking for a particular product or service on their phone, they may want to talk to a particular company about what they offer. Making it easy for mobile users to get a member of your staff on the phone is a great way to increase the number of sales leads you generate.

A call-only paid ad is a great way to increase the amount of communication you have with mobile consumers. Typically, paid ads are aimed at taking mobile consumers to a landing page on your website. With a call-only ad, the main goal you have is getting the consumer to call your business. Running a few of these call-only ads is a great way to start a dialogue with mobile consumers. Once this dialogue is established, you may see an increase in profitability.

Focus on Creating Great Landing Pages

Most business owners fail to realize how important a great landing page is to the overall success of their paid search campaigns. If a mobile user has a bad experience with one of your paid search ads, they may write your business off and use a competitor. Avoiding this problem will require the construction of appealing and functional landing pages.

The landing pages you construct need to be optimized for mobile users. The main thing you need to focus on when testing these landing pages is how fast they load. The slower the landing page loads for a mobile user, the harder it will be to keep them interested in what is being offered. If you want to test the speed of your landing pages, be sure to check out the tools offered by Google.

Review and Alter Your Mobile Strategy

A mobile paid search strategy is not something you can set and forget. As the mobile market and consumer sensibilities change, so will your approach to marketing. By constantly reviewing and altering your mobile paid search strategy, you can keep it effective. Ignoring the need for these updates may lead to you wasting money on marketing methods that don’t produce results.

Need Help with Your Paid Search Campaigns?

If you are having a hard time optimizing your paid search campaigns to fit the needs of mobile users, it is time to contact Small Business SEO. With our help, you can increase your bottom line and the number of sales leads you generate.