Advertising in places that your target demographic uses frequently is imperative if you want to widen your reach. Over 71% of American adults use Facebook on a daily basis. Having a presence on social media websites like Facebook is crucial if you want to engage with modern consumers. Creating a Facebook business page and optimizing it for success is a complex process.

Some business owners create a Facebook page and think that the sales leads will start pouring in. Millions of businesses use Facebook in their lead generation strategies. This means the Facebook landscape is littered with competition. S

Are you trying to make consumers take notice of your Facebook business page? If you answered yes, then read below for some helpful tips.

Publish Facebook Posts At The Right Time

There is a common misconception that Facebook trends happen by chance. In reality, there is a very scientific process that Facebook uses to find the content people want and get them to engage with it. If you are trying to finetune your Facebook lead generation strategy, consider the time you are posting on a daily basis.

Studies show that most Facebook post engagement happens around 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Waiting until then to post new content can help you get more likes and shares. If your posts get more engagement, it is only a matter of time before high-value leads are created.

You also need to test posts at a few different times to figure out how your audience responds. If it is clear that your audience likes posts later in the day, then altering your strategy in response is imperative.

Use Data to Your Advantage

The longer you have a presence on social media, the easier it will be to collect valuable data. In the beginning, you should try a few different Facebook posting strategies. Posting at different times of the day and using varied content in these posts is a wise move. By doing this, you can figure out what your audience responds to.

Collecting and analyzing data from your Facebook posts can help you plan future lead generation campaigns. The best online marketing agencies will have the tools needed to collect and analyze data from your social media posts. Allowing them to help you with these social media marketing campaigns is the only way to achieve success.

Drive Traffic From Facebook to Your Business Website

The ultimate goal you should have when using Facebook to engage with consumers is driving traffic to your business website. Getting Facebook users on your website is the best way to move them further down your sales funnel. Using customized landing pages and informative blog posts is crucial if you want to turn website visitors into actual customers.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to start advertising to consumers on Facebook? If so, contact Small Business SEO to find out about the Facebook lead generation services we provide. With our help, you can grow your bottom line in no time.