If you have ever tried your hand at Facebook marketing, you may have realized there is a right and wrong way to do things. Figuring out the secret behind Facebook lead generation success is not easy. Having success with your pursuit of new leads will require you to acquire lots of information.

What type of posts should you create to get the best results? How can you increase total engagement? Are there certain things you should do that you haven’t been doing?

There is no single way to create a perfect post; however, there are a few best practices you can use to help give your posts the best chance of success. Keep reading to learn about the must-have elements your Facebook posts need to be engaging.

Establish a Clear Goal

You must have a clear objective before you create a Facebook post. What is your end goal? Are you trying to drive traffic to the site? Do you want more comments to build your community? Do you want more shares or to spark a debate? When you have a specific objective with your post, figuring out how to structure it will be a breeze.

If the goal is to generate clicks to read a blog, create an engaging headline. If you are trying to introduce a new product, provide a limited time offer or special deal.

Ask for Engagement

Successful Facebook posts have clear and easy to follow calls to action. The wording of the call to action needs to be easy to understand and engaging at the same time. Asking the reader to sign-up for your newsletter or provide information about their experience with your product/service is beneficial.

Use very specific language but remain realistic. You can’t expect anyone to write an entire essay on how amazing your product is. You can ask for personal experiences or for opinions on certain things. Remember, when growing engagement, the goal is to build a community, not always to generate more sales right away (though this is likely going to be a product of more engagement).

Include a Photo and a Link

Even though photos are considered better than text-only posts when generating interaction, Facebook has stated that link posts will outperform photos posts (with links) when trying to generate clicks. Make sure if you are sharing a link on Facebook that the page you are sharing has an image you will see in the News Feed.

Be Brief and Compelling

Posts with fewer characters (around 40 to 70) perform better than longer ones. Try to choose the compelling and concise language and avoid “clickbait” tactics. Clickbait is starting to be penalized by Facebook, so it is best to avoid it altogether. If someone feels like you misled them with the post you created, they aren’t going to come back.

Are Your Facebook Posts Generating the Interest and Engagement Desired?

If you want to ensure your Facebook posts are as effective as possible, consider using the tactics and strategies mentioned here. This will help you achieve a higher level of success with your efforts and minimize the possibility of people passing over your posts.