Garnering attention from modern consumers is growing increasingly difficult. While organic search allows you to drive traffic to your business website, you must also realize the importance of investing in paid search campaigns. One of the most popular paid advertising platforms on the planet is Google Ads

Successful Google Ads campaigns generate a 200 percent return on investment. If you want to succeed with Google Ads in 2023, then you must educate yourself. Below are some Google Ads best practices and tips for 2023 you need to know about. 

Responsive Search/Display Ads Are Important 

To achieve paid marketing success in 2023, you have to be willing to go beyond expanded text ads. The most successful businesses use responsive search ads (RSAs) to reach consumers with their brand message. With a responsive search ad, you can create multiple headlines and descriptions to appeal to different consumers. 

As of now, Google allows you to create 14 headlines and four descriptions for each responsive display ad. Many experts predict that in the future, Google Ads will be able to test various headline/text combinations to see which one works best for a particular demographic. 


Make Sure Your Ads Are Customized For Mobile Devices

In 2022, over 70 percent of website traffic came from mobile devices. You are missing out on many potential leads if you aren’t using mobile optimization strategies in your paid ads. 

When trying to optimize your paid ads for mobile devices, you need to do things like:

  • Create attention-grabbing headlines
  • Embed call extensions
  • Send mobile users to responsive landing pages
  • Device-specific copy is a must

By considering mobile users in your paid marketing strategy, you can drive more traffic to your website in 2023. 

Use Dynamic Search Ads

Do you run an eCommerce business with an extensive inventory? If so, you need to use dynamic search ads in 2023. A dynamic search ad (DSA) uses the published content on your website to generate landing pages and engaging headlines. This allows you to generate ads that get attention from consumers already interested in your products. 

Focus on Creating Good Ad Copy

Some business owners make the mistake of rushing through the ad copy creation process. Making this mistake can have a negative impact on your Google Ads campaigns. If your ad copy isn’t engaging, consumers will ignore it. This is why you must ensure your Google Ad copy is optimized. 

During the ad copy creation process, you need to focus on things like:

  • Avoid using overly-technical language
  • Make sure your copy is easy to understand
  • Cover the benefits provided by your products/services
  • Develop copy that focuses on user intent

Testing a few different types of ad copy styles is a great way to see what your audience responds to. Once you have this information, you can create ad copy that will get results. 

Focus on Your Competition’s Traffic 

In a perfect world, when someone searches for your company’s name, the first result will be your website. When this happens, the visitor can easily and quickly navigate your site without interruptions. 

Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t always work like this. 

In some situations, your competition may begin to appear at the top of search results when someone searches for your brand’s name. You may wonder why. The competition has engaged in tactics that help them steal your visitors. Unfortunately, this is not considered a “black hat” technique; it just means they have targeted keywords your business should be focused on. 

Google even offers Ad extensions that will display links deeper into the competitor’s website. You need to use the same strategy. This will ensure your business appears first. 

Offer a Low Rate or Discount

Customers like to utilize services that provide a low rate or discount, which is why a must-try Google Ads best practice for 2023 is to create ads that offer value to customers and services at a low rate. 

One example is when you enter the search term “print pictures,” the first result shows customers a printing option for an affordable rate. This is a strategy that is probably going to offer the desired results because customers get what they need at a low rate. 

You can even put long-tail keywords into the search ad, providing even better results in many cases. Providing discounts and offering products at lower prices will encourage people to make a final purchase decision. 

Address the Most Pressing Needs the Customer Has

When searching for a service or product, customers will likely want something that helps to simplify their life. For example, customers usually prefer a company that promises accuracy and speed when searching for a new web-hosting service. 

Also, customers looking for customer relationship management software want simple options to use, implement, and scale. 

If you address the critical points and needs a customer has in their ads, you are more likely to win your audience’s trust. It’s important to note that up to 65% of people who click an ad when making a purchase choose the ads that address their customer’s pain points. 

Add Negative Keywords in Your Ads

Once you have addressed the pressing issues your customers have and provided a discount, now you need to limit who gets to see your ad. To do this, you will use negative keywords. When you add these, Google won’t show your ad for any search term you have set as a negative match. 

When you use the right negative keywords, it will help you refine your audience and help you save money. 

With negative keywords in play, you can feel confident your ad is reaching customers who are searching for what you offer. This is also going to help increase your total conversions. 

Show That You Care 

Another Google ad tactic you should use is showing your potential customers that you care about them or their well-being. Showing concern and creating ads that are “outside the box” offers a great way to entice more customers. 

Are you ready to start generating leads with the help of Google Ads? Do you find all of these best practices and tips for Google Ads in 2023 overwhelming? If so, Small Business SEO is here to help.