Having a blog is essential when trying to take your message to the masses. In fact, business websites with blogs receive up to 55% more visitors than websites without a blog. Not only will you need to publish blog content on a regular basis to stay relevant in your industry, you also need to focus on keeping this content appealing.

If the blog content on your website is just a huge block of text, it will be hard to engage with modern consumers. Most consumers want to read blogs that are filled with imagery and easy to scan. Increasing blog appeal is one of the most underrated SEO tactics on the market. Instead of allowing your blogs to remain in a state of disarray, consider the helpful tips below.

3 Effective Ways to Make Your Blogs More Appealing1. The Readability Factor

Useful blog content can help you attract a wider audience. In fact, search engine giants like Google and Bing now consider readability and usefulness as important ranking factors. This means that the more useful your content is, the easier it will be to move into the upper echelon of the search engine results page world. While most business owners understand the importance of blog readability, many fail to realize how to optimize their content with readability in mind.

When attempting to make your content more readable, consider how it is structured. Each blog post on your website should be easy to scan and filled with great images. With the right images, you can drive home the point of the blog in question. Usually, hiring professionals to audit and optimize your blog content for readability is a wise move. These professionals will have the time, tools and experience needed to get this work done the right way.

2. Make Opting In Easy For the Reader

The mark of a great business blog is lots of information and the opportunity to find out more about the products/services a company offers. Most business owners use email marketing to stay connected with consumers. If your business uses this form of marketing, the main thing you need to be concerned with is acquiring new email addresses. Making it easy for consumers to opt-in to your email newsletter and deals is crucial.

This is why putting opt-in forms in all of your blog content is vital. These opt-in sections should be small and easy to use. By offering consumers the ability to easily opt-in to your email marketing efforts, you can improve their effectiveness and reach.

3. Avoid Going Overboard With Ads

Finding ways to monetize a popular blog is something most business owners are passionate about. Making money off of your blog is a great idea, but there are limitations to how far you go to get this money. For instance, covering your blogs in ads from other companies can turn off readers. This is why you need to be selective regarding the amount and type of ads featured on your blogs.

Need Help Optimizing Your Business Blogs?

If you are unsure about how to make your blogs more appealing and informative, contact Small Business SEO for help.