Underrated SEO Tactics You Should Pay Attention ToThe Google algorithm uses approximately 200 different factors when assigning a rank position to a website. This algorithm is constantly being updated. Failing to change your strategy to accommodate these changes can result in lots of problems. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your approach to search engine optimization, you need to rely on tried and true digital marketing methods.

As the threat of an economic recession looms, some business owners are starting to pull the plug on their online marketing efforts. Making this mistake can lead to you losing your competitive edge. This is why you need to continue to invest in digital marketing throughout this recession. Below are some underrated SEO tactics you need to definitely pay attention to when trying to reach a wider audience.

The Power of Branding

Developing and publishing new online content with no real rhyme or reason is a horrible idea. Publishing content that is too generic and boring will result in low website traffic. Rather than making this mistake, you need to focus more on branding the content you put out. Establishing a voice for your brand will make composing new content much easier.

Most consumers want to engage with brands that have an instantly recognizable approach to their chosen industry and the issues affecting it. You need to realize that the modern Internet user has a plethora of options when it comes to gathering information. If you want to win over consumers, you need to show them your business has a personality.

Sticking to industry-specific content is the first step in creating a brand. Using humor can be effective when trying to get people interested in the content you are putting out. While building an online brand will be a difficult and time-consuming process, it is worth the effort considering the increased web traffic and sales it will help you garner.

Updating Your Old Content is a Must

Achieving success with an online marketing campaign will require you to look at the big picture. Some business owners focus solely on creating new content and never give a second thought to the content already on their website. Adequately monitoring the traffic your old blogs receive can help you assess what your audience is looking for.

For instance, if you notice a particular blog post is getting a lot of traction, you need to write similar blogs in the future. You also need to read over your existing content to see if any outdated information exists. Adding videos to your existing blogs is also a great way to increase the traffic they generate. Incorporating a few voice search-friendly keywords can also help you repurpose content and give it more appeal.

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