Why User Generated Content Is A Great Addition To Your Facebook Marketing Campaign.Showcasing your brand to the masses is easy with a multi-faceted online presence. Not only do you need a great-looking website to get attention from consumers, you also need to use powerful social media platforms like Facebook to spread your message. Posting unique and engaging content on your Facebook business page will help you generate a steady flow of leads. If you are looking for a great addition to your existing Facebook marketing campaign, then you should consider user-generated content. 

Over 80% of the American consumers polled in a recent survey claimed that user-generated content influenced their buying decisions. Below are some reasons why user-generated content is a must for modern business owners who are trying to attract more attention online.  

Make Your Brand More Relatable

Having a detailed and appealing Facebook business profile is crucial when trying to attract new consumers and inform them about your brand. You need to realize that the marketing materials you develop about your business will only go so far when it comes to making your brand relatable. Modern consumers expect brands to toot their own horns when it comes to the products/services they provide. 

If you want to make your brand more relatable, you need to let satisfied customers do the talking for you. With the right user-generated content, you can humanize your brand and make it more relatable. A satisfied customer making a video or post about the products/services your business provides can make a big impression on other consumers. A steady flow of quality user-generated content will help you attract more leads on Facebook. 

Build Credibility With a New Audience

Gaining the trust of potential customers is one of the most challenging aspects of marketing your business online. Most people will do an extensive amount of research before using the products/services a new business is offering them. The average online consumer is very wary of brands that have little to no user-generated content. This is usually an indication that the brand in question is no providing excellent service to their existing audience. 

Posting lots of user-generated content shows your audience how satisfied people are with your products/services. This heightened level of credibility can be just what a potential customer needs to choose your brand over a competitor. 

People Love Sharing User-Generated Content On Facebook

Improving your visibility on a popular platform like Facebook will require the use of shareable content. While memes, infographics and branded photographs can help you get more shares, they don’t hold a candle to the power of user-generated content. On average, user-generated content gets twice the number of shares as the content generated by business owners. The reason why this content gets more shares is that it is relatable and more engaging. 

Generating more leads with your Facebook business page can be challenging if you don’t have the right professionals assisting you. With the help of Small Business SEO, you can find a new audience on Facebook.