The world of online marketing can be extremely confusing, especially for business owners with limited experience. With over 2 billion websites on the Internet, finding ways to edge out the competition is not easy. Some business owners focus on things that don’t really matter when it comes to making their websites a success. For instance, domain authority (DA) is a buzzword that is thrown around by many digital marketing firms.

For the most part, a domain score has no bearing on the actual success your website has. Search engine rank is the main thing you need to focus on when trying to get the word out about your product/services. Read below to find out more about why focusing on domain authority metrics is a horrible idea.

Domain Authority Is a Distraction You Don’t Need

If you want to make your website successful, there are certain things you have to focus on. Getting hung up on domain authority can actually work against you if you want to achieve a higher rank on Google. The changes you have to make to improve your DA score are diametrically opposed to the steps that have to be taken to improve your search engine rank score. This means that focusing all of your energy on domain authority will only make you popular on Moz.

Having real success with your business website is only possible when focusing on things like content development and link building is important. Making sure that the links embedded in your content are both relevant and helpful to the reader can help you drastically improve your rank on Google search engine results pages. The right SEO approach can also help you build credibility, which is crucial when attempting to expand your reach and grow your bottom line.

A Problematic Third-Party Metric

Moz is the most popular provider of domain authority metrics. To date, this company uses around 40 factors to calculate a website’s domain authority score. While all of these metrics haven’t been disclosed to the public, a few things checked to calculate DA score are the number of links a website has and the linking of root domains.

You need to realize that the algorithm used by Google to rank websites is extremely complex. In fact, this algorithm is far too complex to be figured out by a third-party provider using only 40 metrics. This means that Moz is simply making an educated guess as to what a domain authority score is. Rather than putting so much weight into this metric, you need to turn your attention to search engine optimization tactics laid out in Google’s own online literature to improve your site’s performance.

Take Control of Your Website’s Destiny

White hat SEO is really the only way to take your website to the top of Google. The longer you focus your attention on worthless metrics like domain authority, the harder it will be to reach your online marketing goals. If you want more advice on how to develop a sound search engine optimization strategy, we are here to help.