In the past year, the number of new businesses started in the United States reached a 13-year high. Taking a leap of faith and starting your own business can be worrisome. As the owner of an early-stage startup, your main goal should be developing an online presence. A well-crafted online presence allows startups to reach a wider audience and achieve higher levels of profitability. 

Dominating the world of online search is one of the best ways to ensure the maximum amount of people find out about your brand. However, accomplishing your goal of search engine dominance is a lot harder than you probably expect. Here are some things early-stage startups can do to improve their visibility in online searches. 

Find the Right Balance Between Gated and Ungated Content

Driving organic traffic to your website and capturing contact information from visitors is vital when trying to dominate the world of online search. One of the best ways to get contact information from potential customers is by using gated content. Basically, gated content can be a blog article, e-book or white paper that can only be accessed if a person fills out a contact form. Building a list of email addresses is important if you want to engage in successful email marketing campaigns that actually generates quality leads. 

The key to having success with gated content is knowing when to use it. If all of the content on your website is gated, you run the risk of frustrating visitors to your domain. This is why you only need to gate the best content at your disposal. By doing this, you can make consumers feel like they are actually getting something for the trouble of filling out a contact form. 

Address Common Pain Points with Your Blogs

One of the best tools startups have when trying to get more website traffic is a business blog. Consumers are constantly looking for information about products/services they are interested in. The rise of voice search has shown a need for content that solves common problems that consumers have. Addressing common industry pain points in your content can help you attract a wider audience in no time. 

By answering frequently asked questions in your blogs, you can also improve your chances of landing in the Featured Snippet spot on Google. This spot is reserved for content that directly answers a consumer’s search engine queries. 

Create New Content Daily

If you want to keep your website visible, then you need to view developing content as a priority. Creating new blogs and videos is a great way to attract attention from popular search engines like Google. If you feel like you don’t have time to create and promote new content, then working with marketing professionals is a great idea. These professionals will have no problem keeping a steady flow of quality content coming without fail. 

Implementing the tips in this article can help you take your early-stage startup to the top of Google in no time. If you are struggling to produce results with your existing online marketing strategy, it is time to let the team at Small Business SEO lend you a hand.