Developing a digital marketing strategy can be difficult. The average business owner knows very little about cultivating an online presence and driving traffic to their website. This lack of knowledge can work against you by making website lead generation harder than it needs to be. 

Around 64% of the businesses currently operating in the United States have a website. If you are trying to optimize your website for search engine success, you need to be mindful of the techniques to avoid. Read below to find out more about SEO techniques should be avoided. 

Using Unnatural Anchor Text

One of the best ways to optimize the content on your website is by embedding inbound and outbound links. The outbound links should point to other websites that are both reputable and contain information about the topic being covered in your blog. Inbound links should point to other blogs and pages on your website that can provide the reader with more context. Choosing the right anchor text to embed these links in can be difficult. 

An SEO technique that should be avoided when creating anchor text is using words and phrases that have nothing to do with the link in question. You also need to avoid using unnatural anchor text phrases in an attempt to rank for a particular keyword. Since the Penguin update, Google is able to identify unrelated backlinks and over-optimized content. This is why you need to work on incorporating natural language into your anchor text.

Turning a Blind Eye To Mobile SEO 

With each passing year, mobile search becomes bigger and bigger. As more people use their phones and other mobile devices to find information online, business owners will have to make changes. Failing to optimize your website for mobile users is a horrible misstep that can have long-term consequences. 

If your website features pop-ups or touchable elements that don’t work well, you will run mobile users off in droves. Rather than losing potential customers, you need to focus your attention on making your website responsive. A responsive website is a domain that consumers can view with ease on all size screens. The best way to make your website more responsive is by enlisting the help of web design professionals. 

Writing Content For Search Engines Instead of Consumers

Looking at the digital content development process as something you do solely for search engines is a horrible idea. If your content is only developed with the goal of stuffing as many keywords as possible into the text, you are bound to fail. Popular search engines like Google reward websites that consistently deliver well-written and engaging content to their audience. 

This is why you need to focus more on your content’s readability and subject matter rather than how many keywords you can fit into it. By taking this approach to content development, you can boost your search engine rank and keep your target audience engaged. 

Avoiding the SEO techniques mentioned above can help you rise above your online competition.