Approximately 50% of the businesses in the United States invest in search engine optimization campaigns. These business owners realize that driving traffic to their websites requires the help of popular search engines like Google. When crawling a website, Google bots consider a variety of factors before assigning the domain a rank. The number of inbound and outbound links on your website has a drastic impact on how high it is placed on search engine results pages.

Investing in link building campaigns is crucial if you want to beat out the competition. When creating inbound and outbound links in your content, you will need to use the proper anchor text. Below is more information about what anchor text is and how to use this text to optimize your digital marketing campaigns.

Help Achieve Search Engine SuccessWhat Exactly Is Anchor Text

Before you start to optimize the anchor text in your content, you need to learn the definition of this widely used marketing term. Anchor text is a term used to describe the word or words used to embed either an inbound or outbound link. As search engines crawl your website, they will use this anchor text and the link embedded in it to draw conclusions about what your content is related to.

Some inexperienced business owners make the mistake of using a hodge-podge of unrelated words to embed their links in. This practice can result in these links being largely ignored, which can hurt the overall rank your website has on search engine results pages.

Improving Your Anchor Link Text

Selecting the right anchor text is vital if you want to achieve your goal of search engine domination. Optimizing your anchor text will require both hard work and some research. Natural flow is one of the main things you should focus on when creating anchor text for your embedded links. If you use a phrase or keywords that are completely unrelated to the subjects being covered in the text, it can confuse the reader and hurt your chances of making a good impression on popular search engines.

The Anchor Text Should Match the Link

Another important consideration to make when creating anchor text is matching the words used with the link you embed. You need to realize that when a reader sees one of these links in your article, they are expecting to be provided with more information about the subject being covered. If the link in the anchor text has absolutely nothing to do with the link, it can confuse and anger the reader.

Avoid Using Too Many Words in Your Anchor Text

Keeping your anchor text between three to six words is a good rule of thumb to follow. Embedding a link in a complete sentence looks spammy. Instead of making a bad impression with this anchor text mistake, you need to stick to embedding the link in a few words.

With the information in this article, you can start the process of optimizing your anchor text.