For most people, using social media platforms like Facebook is something they do on a daily basis. Over the years, Facebook has added a number of unique features to its platform designed to make the user experience better. Facebook Messenger is an instant message feature built directly into this platform.  

Currently, over 1.3 billion people around the globe use Facebook Messenger every day. Using this instant messaging feature to help existing customers and engage with interested consumers is a great idea. Read below to find out more about Facebook Messenger marketing and how it can benefit your business. 

What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

The term Facebook Messenger marketing is used to describe the use of this instant messaging tool as a conversational channel. This marketing method usually involves sending current and potential customers messages about the products/services a business offers. When used correctly, Facebook Messenger marketing can help you do things like:

  • Improve conversions
  • Build relationships with consumers
  • Answer customer service queries
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide your audience with relevant content

If your business already has a large following on Facebook, then using this type of marketing is a no-brainer. Contacting your followers with targeted messages via Facebook Messenger is a great way to improve the reach your company has. 

How To Use Facebook Messenger To Market Your Business

Now that you know more about what Facebook Messenger marketing is, you are probably wondering how to incorporate it into your existing marketing strategy. Here are some ways you can use Facebook Messenger to market your business. 

Generate Quality Sales Leads

Facebook Messenger is viewed as a relatively new marketing channel. This means that the average Facebook user isn’t being bombarded with marketing messages from the brands they follow. The response rate of marketing messages on Facebook is also very high. This means that a well-crafted message can help you attract attention from a new consumer. If you want to spur a consumer into action, then you need to provide useful information about your products/services in these instant messages. 

Make Events More Engaging for Participants

Hosting virtual events is something most business owners have become familiar with during the pandemic. If you want to increase the engagement, these events offer, then utilizing the power of Facebook Messenger is a great idea. Sending important information and reminders to event participants via Facebook Messenger can help to improve engagement levels. 

A Great Customer Service Tool

One of the main ways business owners use the chatbot technology offered by Facebook is to provide customers with help. Many people go to a company’s Facebook page and send them a private message when they have a problem or query. Once you have helped a customer with their problem, you can send them targeted messages in an attempt to upsell them. Luckily, there are a number of chatbot programs that allow you to automate this process. 

As you can see, using Facebook Messenger can help you generate more leads and provide better customer service.