An optimized website is crucial to the long-term success of your small business. Keeping up with the times and changing your website to meet the changing needs of modern consumers is crucial. Over the past few years, tons of new technology designed to make websites more helpful and useful for visitors have hit the market. A chatbot is a software application designed to conduct an online chat with curious consumers on a particular website.  

Studies show that approximately 30% of consumers are interested in using chatbot technology when in need of information abo8ut a particular product/service. Failing to embrace this artificial intelligence tool can put lead to your business losing potential online leads. 

Implementing sound chatbot marketing practices is vital when moving website visitors to the next stage of your online sales funnel. Here is more information about chatbot marketing and why using it on your website is a wise move. 

The Definition of Chatbot Marketing

As previously mentioned, a chatbot is a piece of software that allows consumers to get answers to their questions. This software can be optimized to showcase the products/services a business offers to these curious consumers. Promoting these items in these online chats is a great way to attract a wider audience and grow your bottom line. Chatbot software can be used on a company’s website and can also be connected to other messaging apps like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. 

Reasons to Use Chatbot Marketing

Some business owners are hesitant to invest in and use new technology. If you want to improve customer engagement and provide potential clients with quick responses to commonly asked questions, then investing in chatbot software is a no-brainer. Using chatbot marketing also provides other benefits like:

  • Easily segment your website traffic
  • Lower customer service costs
  • Quickly scale customer support
  • Better lead generation

Embracing this technology allows you to grow your business and provide your audience with useful information about your products/services. 

How to Create a Chatbot Marketing Strategy

If you want to use this technology correctly, then you need to start with the creation of a chatbot marketing strategy. The first step in the marketing strategy creation process is reviewing the most frequently asked questions your business receives. With this information, you can provide visitors to your website with the information they need. 

You also need to make sure the users of these chatbots know that a human can help them right away if needed. Once your chatbot software recognizes certain keywords in a conversation, it will immediately provide the visitor with more information about certain products/services offered by your business. Having a great call-to-action in the chatbot text can help you win over a website visitor and turn them into an actual customer. Constantly testing and optimizing your approach to chatbot marketing is the only way to succeed with this tool. 

There is no denying just how beneficial chatbot marketing can be. By using these tips, you can take your customer service and marketing campaigns to the next level.