One of the best ways to generate more online sales leads is by providing a great digital customer experience and content upgrades can help. If you want to reach your target demographic with your marketing message, then providing them with great content is crucial. Failing to focus on the development of great content can lead to your marketing campaigns falling short. 

On average, modern consumers spend around three hours a day consuming digital content. If you want to keep consumers interested in the blogs you are putting out, then you have to become familiar with content upgrades. Here is more information about content upgrades and how to use them in your content marketing campaigns. 

What is a Content Upgrade? 

A content upgrade is a free blog or white paper traded in exchange for a reader’s contact information. When a person comes to your website to read a new blog, they might need more context or follow-up information to fully grasp the subject being covered. Leaving your blog on a bit of a cliffhanger is a great way to entice readers to sign up for a content upgrade. 

By obtaining a website visitor’s email address with the help of a contact form, you can send them marketing emails designed to convert them into actual customers. Properly utilizing the power of content upgrades can help you take your lead generation efforts to the next level. 

Great Content Upgrade Ideas For Your Business

If you want to get more subscribers to your blog or obtain contact information from visitors to your website, you need to use the right upgrade. While there are several methods you can use, the following seem to be the most effective. 

Mini Workbooks or eBooks

Creating a blog series that covers an industry-specific topic is a great way to keep readers engaged. Compiling the blogs in a series and putting them in an eBook or workbook is a great upgrade idea. By putting all of this content in one easy-to-digest format, you can maximize the impact it has. Most people who are interested in the topic in question will have no problem providing their email to get a copy of your eBook. 

Use Video Or Audio For Your Content Upgrades

Most people will grow tired of reading written content after a while. If you want to keep your audience entertained, then creating audio or video content for them is a good idea. Offering this new type of content as an upgrade can help you grow the number of leads your website generates. 

Provide Consumers With a Checklist

If you don’t have a lot of time to develop a content upgrade for your blog, then think about creating a checklist. The average consumer loves checklists because this content is easy to follow and helpful. Ideally, you want to create checklists that are easy to follow and packed with helpful information. 

As you can see, using content upgrades can be extremely beneficial when trying to generate new sales leads.