What Is Local SEOIn the past year, many business owners have realized the value of having an online presence. Even if a business has a physical location in one area, they need to realize that having a presence online can help them attract consumers in their corner of the world. A recent study found that nearly 33% of all Google searches are related to a particular location. 

If you want to attract consumers in your local area, then you need to become familiar with local search engine optimization (SEO). When properly used, this marketing practice can help a business owner grow their customer base substantially. The following are some things you need to know about local SEO and how to use it to your advantage. 

What You Need to Know About Local SEO

In short, local SEO is a practice that involves optimizing a website, so it is easy to find in local search results. This process involves things like localized link building, content and on-page optimizations. Google My Business is also an integral part of a successful local SEO campaign. With this tool, local business owners are able to fill out profiles that detail everything from their hours of operation to positive online reviews. 

The Importance of Local SEO

Brick-and-mortar businesses need a steady flow of leads to remain successful. Attracting these leads with outdated marketing methods is impossible, which is why using the power of online marketing and search engine optimization is important. The importance of local SEO cannot be understated for business owners trying to drive traffic to their physical locations. 

A successful local SEO campaign allows you to make information about your business more accessible for interested consumers. If this information is easy to find, these consumers are more likely to actually visit your business and invest in the products/services you offer.

How To Improve Your Local SEO Campaigns

Now that you know more about what local SEO is and what it is used for, it is time to start structuring your own campaigns. The first step of this process is claiming your Google My Business listing. By doing this, you can start to control the narrative and information that is available online about your business. You also need to add location-specific landing pages to your website. 

With these pages, you can target location-specific keywords. Providing local consumers with social proof about how well your business has performed for others in the past is also important. The best way to do this is by acquiring and posting reviews from satisfied customers on your Google My Business listing and website. The more positive reviews you can showcase, the easier it will be to convert local sales leads. 

Great localized blog content is also important when trying to have success with local SEO marketing campaigns. With the help of marketing professionals, you can develop a steady stream of great content for local consumers. 

There is no denying just how powerful a successful local SEO campaign can be. With the information in this article, you can start to attract more attention to your brand.