What Are Landing Pages?Regardless of the methods, you use to drive traffic to your website, converting these visitors into actual customers should be your top priority. When people visit your website, they are looking for information about the products/service you offer. Some business owners make the mistake of sending traffic to their homepage. 

Instead of bombarding consumers with information about your entire catalog of products/services, take a more targeted approach. Landing pages are the cornerstone of any great marketing campaign because of the unique and specific information they provide. Below is more information about landing pages and how you can use them effectively in your marketing campaigns. 

The Anatomy of a Landing Page

Landing pages are far different from most pages on a company’s website. To be considered a landing page, a particular page will have to meet certain criteria. These pages are created with the sole purpose of turning visitors to a website into actual customers. These pages generally have contact forms designed to capture a website visitor’s information. This information is commonly retained in exchange for a particular offer like discounts or eBooks. 

The links to these landing pages are usually embedded in a call to action on Facebook/blog posts or in paid search ad copy. Once a person clicks on this link and is directed to the landing page, they will be presented with targeted information about a product/service. If and when the website visitor fills out the contact form, you can store this information in a database to be used later. Following up with these individuals will allow you to sell your products/services to people who are interested in what you offer. 

Making the Landing Page Conversion Process Successful

Now that you know more about what landing pages are, it is time to find out how to succeed with these targeted marketing tools. Successful pages usually contain one or more of the following elements. 

A Well-Defined Unique Selling Proposition

The first thing you want to include on your landing pages is a unique selling proposition. This element of your page is designed to set expectations for visitors regarding what is being offered. Ideally, you want the unique selling proposition to be the first thing visitors see on the page. 

Putting your unique selling proposition in the headline is a great way to remove any doubt from the visitor’s mind regarding what they are being sold. 

Features and Benefits

When properly designed, landing pages can boost website conversions by 300 percent. If you want to grab the attention of a visitor right away, laying out the benefits/features the product/service in question has is crucial. Laying out these features/benefits with bullet points makes them easier to notice and more scannable. 

Social Proof is Vital

Establishing credibility is important if you want to capture leads with your landing pages. Providing social proof in the form of customer reviews/testimonials can help you accomplish this goal. If visitors can verify your business is legitimate, they are more likely to provide their contact information. 

As you can see, when used correctly landing pages can be a very effective marketing tool.