When you consider that over 70% of the American population uses Facebook regularly, it is easy to see why so many business owners advertise on this platform. Generating high-value leads on a popular platform like Facebook requires lots of hard work and determination. With all of the different businesses that are trying to attract new customers on Facebook, it is hard to cut through the noise and put your brand on top. 

One of the top concerns you should have when marketing your brand on Facebook is driving traffic to your website. Providing consumers with more information about the products, services and promotions your business offers is easy when using landing pages. Here are the types of landing pages you can use to drive traffic from Facebook to your business website. 

Contest Entry Landing Pages

Contests are something the users of Facebook absolutely love. When structured and carried out properly, a Facebook contest can help you attract attention from a whole new audience. If one of your main goals is to drive traffic to your website from Facebook, then developing contest entry landing pages is a fantastic idea. As you start to post about the contest on Facebook, you need to have a link to this landing page. 

The contest entry landing page you develop should have a list of all of the rules and a breakdown of what prizes are being offered. Not only will this type of landing page help you increase the flow of traffic to your website, it will also help you get contact information from a host of potential customers. With this contact information, you can start to send out emails or text messages that are designed to win these consumers over. 

Coupon Landing Pages

In the past year, eCommerce sales have grown by nearly 40 percent. If you are the owner of an online business and want to boost your sales, offering coupons to online consumers is an effective way to accomplish this goal. Advertising the sales you are currently running on Facebook isn’t nearly as effective as offering a coupon to your followers. 

Making a landing page designed to help interested consumers take advantage of this coupon is a wise move. When these consumers arrive on this landing page, you need to have well-written content and engaging media in place to keep them on your website for a while. 

Product Landing Pages 

Another important thing to keep in mind when trying to push your products on Facebook is that designing a landing page for each item you carry is important. If you create a Facebook post about one of your products, you need to provide followers with more content. This is where a well-optimized and informative landing page can come in handy. Your product landing pages should provide consumers with a detailed list of the features and benefits it has. 

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