Approximately 70% of the businesses in the United States have a website. Simply creating a website isn’t enough to attract potential customers. You have to create great content and market your new website online if you want to get attention. As you start to engage in various online marketing campaigns, you need to figure out which ones are working.

The best way to get a feel for how well your website and marketing campaigns are performing is by monitoring certain metrics. In this article, we will cover what website metrics are and which ones you need to monitor.

Website Metrics: What Are They and Which Ones Should You Monitor?The Definition of Website Metrics

Certain variables related to a website’s performance and popularity can be measured with metrics. Website metrics allow you to see how well your website is doing and whether or not there are any problems that need to be addressed. These metrics are also a great way for you to react to certain trends in real-time. Failing to monitor your website can result in you paying a lot of money for domain upgrades and marketing campaigns that aren’t panning out.

Figuring out what metrics to track will take some time. The website metrics you track will need to reflect your ultimate goals for your domain. The more you know about what you hope to achieve with your website, the easier it will be to take the data from certain metrics and use it to optimize your domain.

Website Metrics You Need To Monitor

There is no denying the importance of monitoring website metrics. If you are unsure about what metrics you need to monitor, then here are some good suggestions.

The Number of Visitors Your Domain Receives

Before you can start to devise ways to specifically target users of your website, you need to get a baseline number of how many people are actually visiting your domain. The best way to do this is by tracking the number of visitors your website is attracting. If this website metric is low, then you need to start advertising your website on social media platforms.

Top Traffic Sources

If you want to optimize your online marketing efforts, you need to know which ones are producing the most leads. Figuring this information out is easy if you are monitoring the right website metrics. Knowing your top traffic sources helps you identify where people are finding your business. For instance, if you see lots of your traffic is coming from social media, investing more time and money into marketing on these platforms is a no-brainer.

Monitor Your Bounce Rate

When people land on your website, you want them to hang around for a bit to see all of the information it contains. If you are monitoring your bounce rate, you can see how many people log on to your website and immediately leave. If you find that your website bounce rate is high, you need to figure out why. Slow load speeds, poorly written content or a bad web design can get in the way of attracting customers.

If you want to drive more organic traffic to your website, it is time to start monitoring the metrics mentioned in this article.