Do you own a service-based small business? Do you want to find a way to present your services in the best way possible on your website? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. 

As a business owner, you may wonder how you can create service pages that will encourage your site visitors to take the next step to convert and become a customer. Some tips to help you with this common challenge can be found here. 

Create a Simple and Clean Page Layout 

When it comes to your website, having a wordy or cluttered service page will not easily make it easy for visitors to find the information. Some of the biggest website trends today include things like quality images, the ability to “chunk” together written content, drop-down features, and more that will help readers consume the content on a page quickly. 

You can also add rotating testimonials to the page, building trust in the services you offer. Another option is to add logos for any brands that you use or carry. For B2B companies, be sure to include business logos you service, and that can provide information about how credible your business is. 

Be sure your website pages are responsible so visitors can read the information on any device they use. This is beneficial for searchers, and it helps you rank better because Google puts non-responsive sites lower in search results. 

Quality, Well-Written Content 

As a small business owner, creating the content for your service’s pages is just as important as what the page looks like. Remember, no one knows your services better than you do. On your service’s pages is where you can highlight and explain the best parts of what you offer and work to turn site visitors into real customers. 

There are a few tips that can help you create quality content:

  • Engage in basic keyword research before writing
  • Use the Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • Use Keyword Tool
  • Create content your visitors want to read
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Put the most important information near the top of the page

Don’t Forget the Call to Action 

At the end of the service page, you need a natural yet enticing call-to-action. After describing the services, you offer, be sure you add some text that encourages people visiting your site to take the next step in this process. This may be to call you, ask for a quote, or fill out a contact form. Regardless of what action you want them to take, make sure to spell it out. This is going to ensure they do what you want them to before leaving the page. 

Creating Effective Services Pages for Your Business

With the tips above, you should be able to create effective lead-generating services pages for your business. If you get to a point where you need assistance doing this, reach out to the professionals. They can help ensure you get the quality and effective pages you need and that they meet the requirements mentioned above.