Making smart marketing decisions is only possible if you collect and analyze website traffic data. The best way to make sense of these data is by using Google Analytics. A recent study found that nearly 56% of the business owners in the United States use Google Analytics to monitor their website traffic. As with all technology, Google Analytics has undergone many changes in the past few years.

The newest incarnation of this website monitoring software shows that Google is adamant about taking this technology into the future. In this article, we will discuss some of the things business owners and marketing professionals need to know about Google Analytics 4.

Learning More About User Behavior

Adequately optimizing your website for search engine success is an ongoing process. Taking data and using it to change your web design or the content on your website is a must. Modern consumers want websites that are attuned to their sensibilities and needs. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is designed to offer entrepreneurs an accurate representation of user behavior.

GA4 utilizes the power of a few different technologies to gather and harness information about user behavior. These technologies include:

  • Global Site Tags- With the global site tags on GA4, you can enable certain features without modifying tags. These features generally require code changes, which you can perform without worrying about problems with your existing tags.
  • Firebase Analytics-This technology uses event-driven data to develop a profile of user behavior and engagement.
  • Google Signals- Unlock the power of Google’s identity software. This program can recognize frequent website visitors even when they are not logged in.

As you can see, GA4 has a great mix of technology designed to make properly analyzing website traffic easy for the end-user.

Apps and Websites Are Finally Unified

A modern website has to appeal to both web and mobile users. Providing mobile visitors your website receives with a great experience can help you generate high-quality leads. After the incorporation of Firebase into the Google Analytics interface, users were unable to gather analytics and data from mobile users. This severely limited their ability to see where their mobile website traffic was originating from.

GA4 aims to fix this blind spot by allowing for adequate tracking across multiple platforms and devices. Having the right data from mobile users is crucial when trying to figure out where sales funnel bottlenecks exist. When used correctly, this data allows you to provide users from all walks of life with a great experience and meaningful content.

Roll With the Changes

Adapting to new changes in programs you use regularly is never easy. As you can see, Google has fixed a number of issues with their Google Analytics platform. If you need help making sense of your Google Analytics data, the team at Small Business SEO is standing by.

Our main goal is to help you build and maintain a great online presence for your business.