The average person spends over 2 hours on social media daily. During their time on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, most people will encounter a lot of branded content. Most business owners post links to their blog content on their social media profiles in an attempt to drive more traffic to their websites. Convincing the people who see these types of posts to share them on their own social media profile is a lot harder than it seems.

Before you start to share links to your blogs, you need to make sure your website is capable of handling a drastic increase in traffic. Giving your website and the content on it a much-needed refresh is a great idea if you want to create high-value sales leads. Once this website refresh is completed, you need to shift your focus to improve your social share numbers. Below are some things you can do to accomplish this goal.

Target Consumers in Your Local Area with Customized Content

One of the main mistakes business owners make when it comes to developing new blog content is going too broad with their target audience. Finding a niche audience and developing content to engage with them is a wise move. If you are trying to engage more with people in your local area, then writing blog content that is optimized for local search is a must. Developing content that includes details about other local businesses or upcoming local events can help you increase the number of shares your blogs get.

Making sure people in your local area find this content will require the use of geo-specific keywords. Including the name of the city and state you are trying to target in your primary keyword is a wise move. If the content you devise is engaging and informative, you should have no problem getting people in your local area to share it on their social media profiles.

Send Out Emails When You Publish New Blog Content

Informing your audience about new content on your website is crucial when trying to increase the number of social shares it receives. Sending out emails each time a new blog is posted is imperative. With these emails, you can inform your audience and encourage them to share your new content.

These emails will need to be packed with useful information about the content and possibly online coupons for the recipient to use. By sweetening the deal with this online coupon, you should have no problem improving the social sharing your content receives. Collecting and using the email addresses of your customers is crucial if you want to grow your bottom line and your online reach. When carried out correctly, email marketing campaigns can help you generate tons of new leads.

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