Approximately 65% of small business owners claim that generating more online sales leads is one of their main marketing challenges. Boosting the number of quality sales leads you generate with your website is easier said than done. You need to realize that consumers have lots of options when it comes to the businesses they can engage with and give their money to online. 

Constantly auditing and changing your website is a great way to keep your approach to attracting new sales leads current and successful. Since your website is basically a digital business card, you have to keep it in pristine shape. Consider the small website changes below if you want to improve the quality of your online sales leads. 

Gated Content Is a Great Way To Get Contact Information

When devising a strategy to generate more leads online, you need to think of ways to get important contact information from website visitors. The average website visitor will not fill out a contact form without first being enticed. Asking for this information without providing the consumer something in return will usually lead to a lot of missed opportunities. 

One of the best ways to get email addresses or phone numbers from your website visitors is by offering them gated content for this information. Having success with this tactic will require the development of content people actually want to read or watch. Providing little-known tips in a gated blog or a gated how-to video is crucial when trying to get website visitors to respond to this offer. Polling your existing audience is a fantastic way to see what type of gated content they are hungry for. Having this information allows you to have success with your gated content strategy. 

Don’t Forget to Welcome New Website Visitors

The first impression a person gets of your business will usually come from their experience with your website homepage. If this important part of your website is not optimized, people will not hang around long on your domain. A great way to engage with new website visitors is by using pop-ups on your homepage. 

These pop-ups should both welcome new visitors and ask them for contact information. If you want to ramp up the value these pop-ups offer, then you should offer discounts on your products/services. Most people will jump at the chance to save money, which means your pop-up marketing strategy should be successful

Equip Your Website With a Chat Feature

When a person lands on your business website, they will probably have questions about the products/services you offer. If they are unable to find these answers, they might leave and seek out the help of a competitor. This is why equipping your website with state-of-the-art chat software is a must. With this software, you can field questions from consumers and provide them with more information about your business.

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