In the past decade, tech-savvy entrepreneurs have realized just how lucrative running an online store can be. Taking advantage of the power of drop shipping allows entrepreneurs to sell tons of products without having to invest in a large warehouse space. Staying competitive in the eCommerce world can be difficult for newcomers. 

Current estimates put the number of eCommerce websites online at around 24 million. If you want your eCommerce website to thrive, you need to learn more about SEO for eCommerce websites. Read below for more information on SEO for eCommerce websites and how to use it to your advantage. 

What is eCommerce SEO?

The efforts put forth by an eCommerce business owner to make their website more visible to search engines like Google is referred to as eCommerce SEO. When handled correctly, eCommerce SEO strategies can put your website at the top of Google. If you want to optimize your eCommerce website for search engine success, then you need to consider implementing the following changes. 

Optimizing Your Homepage is Vital

One of the first things you need to do to make your website appealing to both search engines and consumers is to optimize your homepage. The first thing you need to take a look at during this optimization process is your homepage title tag. Ideally, you want your business name and the main keyword you are targeting to be in this title tag. Be sure to write your homepage title tag in 70 characters or less to make it easy to read. 

You will also need to focus on writing a homepage meta description that is around 160 characters long. This description needs to feature your target keyword and a brief description of the products sold on your eCommerce website. The content on your homepage should also feature keyword-optimized content about what your eCommerce store sells and how it benefits the end-user. 

Use Simple Site Architecture

Did you realize that the overall architecture of your eCommerce website plays a huge role in search engine optimization? Having things like a distinct navigation hierarchy can help you make a positive impression on search engine bots and potential customers. 

As these bots start to crawl your eCommerce website, they will discover new pages based on your internal linking structure. If this structure is easy to follow, your website will rank better on popular search engines like Google. 

Focus on Product Page Optimization

If you want your eCommerce website to perform well on search engines, then you can’t ignore the importance of well-optimized product pages. Each of your product pages should feature the product’s name in the URL. You also need to ensure the images used on these pages feature the target keyword in the alt tag. You also can’t underestimate the importance of including your target keyword multiple times in the text on your product pages. 

If you are unsure about how to optimize your eCommerce website for search engine success, the team at Small Business SEO is here to help.