In the past decade, the popularity of online stores has skyrocketed. Online sales rose by nearly 33% in 2020 and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The popularity of eCommerce has led to many entrepreneurs entering this online realm in search of riches. If you are in the process of designing and launching your own eCommerce website, there are a few things you need to know. The main thing you need to consider when designing a website that is both easy to use and packed with great information about your products. 

The more people know about the products in your online store, the easier it will be to grow your bottom line. Great product descriptions are the cornerstone of a successful eCommerce website.  Read below to find out more about product descriptions and how to use them to drive online sales. 

What is a Product Description?

Before you can start using product descriptions on your eCommerce website, you need to find out more about this popular marketing copy. A product description is marketing copy used to explain the features/benefits a particular product has. The length of these descriptions varies based on the type of product being covered. You can also use a variety of different tones in this text. 

Choosing the right tone for your product descriptions will require you to reflect on your brand voice. In most cases, working with seasoned marketing professionals is the best way to ensure great product descriptions are developed for your eCommerce website. 

Great Tips for Creating Product Descriptions

Having well-written product descriptions can help you improve sales and drive traffic to your online store. If you are in the process of creating product descriptions for your eCommerce website, then consider these factors. 

Pack Your Product Descriptions with Information

Before you begin the process of writing product descriptions, take some time to gather important information. This information should include things like:

  • The uses of the product
  • The main thing the product is designed to do
  • Reasons why customers need the product

Having this information in your product descriptions can inform your target audience and entice them to make a purchase. 

Get To The Point

Short and concise product descriptions are usually what modern consumers prefer. If your product descriptions are viewed as long and rambling, you will have a hard time keeping website visitors interested in what you are selling. 

Find Relevant Keywords to Include in These Descriptions

Do you want to drive traffic to your website with the help of product descriptions, then using relevant and popular keywords in this marketing copy is imperative. Performing in-depth keyword research is a job best left to professionals. With the help of marketing professionals, you can devise a list of keywords to use in your product descriptions. 

The tips in this article can help you create appealing and informative product descriptions. The team at Small Business SEO can help you in your mission to drive traffic to your website.