If you want to fully reap the rewards of having an online presence, finding ways to drive more traffic to your business website is imperative. The more people you have visiting your website, the higher the chance becomes of your bottom line growing. Adequately competing against corporations that have unlimited resources is difficult. The greatest way to leveling this playing field is by focusing your attention on search engine optimization. 

Each year, Google generates over $29 billion a year from advertising. Most of this money comes from Google AdWords, their paid search platform used by millions of businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. If your main goal is to create a competitive edge on Google, you’ve come to the right place. 

Maintain Your Google My Business Profile

Before companies set their sights on the global market, they usually do all they can to conquer their local area first. Making it easy for local consumers to find out about your business on the Internet is a great way to improve the number of customers you have. One of the best things you can do when trying to conquer your local market is to create and maintain a Google My Business listing. 

This business profile should be packed with information about what your business does and how your products/services benefit consumers. When you receive reviews on this profile, be sure to respond to them. A recent study found that approximately 96% of online consumers read a company’s responses to online reviews. 

Many of these consumers think they can tell a lot about a business by seeing how they respond to both positive and negative online reviews. Responding positively to these reviews allows you to gain the trust and respect of potential customers. 

Google Loves Optimized Landing Pages

A crucial component of a successful paid search campaign is appealing and informative landing pages. Well-designed landing pages provide visitors to your website with specific information about a particular product/service. If you want these pages to stand out on Google, you have to focus on optimizing them. 

Establishing the main keyword for your landing page is the first step in this optimization process. Once you know what the keyword is, you need to put it in both your page title and the URL. You also need to include this keyword in at least one of your alt tags and a H2 tag. Successful landing pages also feature things like high-quality external links and images. 

Understand the Power of Google Snippets

When people type in a commonly asked question into the Google search bar, they are usually presented with a snippet that answers their query. These featured snippets are located at the top of the Google search results page. Getting your website into this coveted spot will require a new approach to the way you craft content. Creating blog posts and pages designed to answer frequently asked questions is a fantastic way to get noticed by Google. 

With more attention from Google, you can increase the flow of traffic to your website substantially.